Suryanelli rape case: PJ Kurien in serious trouble

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    Congress leader frm Kerala and Rajya Sabha Speaker PJ Kurien in trouble over Suryanelli gang rape case in which a 14 year old girl was raped systematically by several men, including allegedly PJ Kurien.

    Suryanelli rape case: Sensational revelation lands PJ Kurien in serious trouble!

    Even as the Congress central leadership is playing a wait-and-watch game on the fate of Deputy Chairman of the Rajyasabha PJ Kurien in the Suryanelli rape case, a key accused, who has been absconding, has alleged that the veteran leader was indeed involved and that the chief investigator of the case had let him go.

    The sensational revelation, that found its way into the Kerala assembly today, was made by the recently launched Malayalam channel, Mathrubhumi in an interview with the accused, Dharmarajan. He was convicted in the case by the Kerala High Court, but jumped bail and went into hiding. The channel traced him somwhere in Karnataka.

    He told the channel that he had named Kurien during the investigation, but the Sibi Mathews, the head of the investigation team had hushed him up. Mathews, investigated the case when the late CPM leader EK Nayanar was the chief minister of the state. His investigation found that there was no evidence to implicate Kurien in the case.

    Since the entire case was largely built on the accounts of the rape-survivor, a minor girl at the time of the incidence whose life has since been devastated, and circumstantial evidence, this revelation will certainly put both the Congress and Kurien under enormous pressure. The girl recently had reiterated her charge that Kurien had indeed raped her. She has been consistent in her charge for the last 17 years.

    The opposition demand is that if all the accused can be booked based on the girl’s testimonies, Kurien should also be investigated. Now that there is more corroborative evidence, including the words of a key accused, the opposition will raise its pitch. The state capital has witnessed several protests last week asking for a re-investigation of the case.

    In the assembly, the opposition demanded action against Kurien and an apology from the union defence minister AK Antony, who spoke in support of him yesterday. Antony said in Delhi yesterday that Kurien was investigated by two CPM governments and was and was not found guilty.

    With this revelation, it will be nearly impossible for the Congress High Command to save Kurien. The veteran leader has no considerable political clout with the party leadership in the state, but has the sympathy and patronage of the central leadership. Delhi has been his political base for years now.

    He also has excellent relationship with other political parties and hence the clamour for his ouster in Delhi was largely muted. The CPM, except Sitaram Yechury and Brinda Karat, hasn’t asked for his head while the BJP more or less rejected the demand for his resignation. However, the state units of both the parties are extremely belligerent in their demand.
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    I believe one Judge who has acquitted the people who raped gave some caustic and insensitive remarks about the girl and that recorded video having been aired on a TV channel has put this ex Judge in real hot water.

    Judge's name is Basant or something like that.

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