Super-30 wins praise in Canada

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    PATNA: Super-30 founder Anand Kumar has got more recognition on foreign shores. Canada's widely-circulated newspaper, The Globe and Mail, has described him as a 'fanatical hero' who has been trying with tremendous zeal to take talented students from the lower strata of society to the top.

    The recent report, written by Stephanie Nolen, has lauded the Super-30 school, run by Kumar, for doing a "great job for the poor sections of society". Earlier, Time magazine had described the school as the 'best in Asia', while Newsweek put it in the list of world's four most innovative initiatives.

    In 2002, Kumar set up Super-30 to prepare 30 students for the IIT-JEE. Here, students gets free stay, food and coaching. In the last nine years, 236 students from Super-30 have made it in the IIT-JEE.

    Super-30 wins praise in Canada
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    He deserves nothing short of national hero status for his noble work. If that joker Saif Ali Khan could be given a national award instead of ISRO Chandrayaan team, this man easily deserves Bharat Ratna award for having the courage, dedication, initiative to truly serve India.

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