SUPARCO and Beidou 2013.

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    SUPARCO has cooperation agreement with China Satellite Navigation Office (CSNO)
    for exchanging and promoting GNSS civil applications in Pakistan.

    The BeiDou system developed by China has functions of fast positioning, bidirectional digital short-message communication and precise timing. Especially the timing has features of safety, accuracy, all weather and versatility, with one-way timing accuracy of 10 ns and two-way timing accuracy of 20 ns, so it can completely replace GPS timing.

    American GPS time signals are currently being utilized by a multitude of users.Error or blockage of the time signal can wreck havoc.
    In the afternoon of January 13, 2011,GPS time signals were abruptly disrupted over china and due to that their Mobile phone network came on the brink of shutting down.

    Legally American Navstar GPS operators are not bound to inform anybody about any Disruption of the signal,be it intentional errors or non intentional.
    For Mobile phone base stations the time synchronization of every base station is strict, otherwise it would lead to call switch fail, even to fail to establish the call.
    Pakistan can avoid similar situation by switching over to more reliable and currently less accurate Beidou completely,as being a signatory for both Military and civilian use .

    China will sell Beidou chip at a lower price than Navstar GPS chip lowering the cost of Navigation equipment.

    BeiDou Applications in Pakistan

    BeiDou/GPS Dual Mode Chip for Vehicles

    For civilian use China is set to release vehicle navigation chips compatible with both GPS and Beidou.Any car navigation system with Beidou chip will work equally good on Navstar GPS and Beidou,and depending on the Firmware,can compare both signals for more accuracy and greater coverage.

    Civil Aviation
    Currently Position accuracy of Beidou is 10 Meters in two dimensions and the error is greater in Altitude calculation.
    Thats where Beidou Augmentation comes in..Its a ground or satellite based system which calculated errors in the positioning signals and relays the error to users for centimeter accuracy in all three dimensions.
    China has released documents to International civil aviation authorities and soon civil aviation industry will have Beidou receivers for Landing and takeoff.

    Transportation Monitoring and Management

    Surveying and Mapping

    This year Pakistan started a Japanese aided program of using Satellite navigation systems for Land record keeping
    Japanese-aided GIS centre inaugurated
    The project is currently operating in a limited area in KPK,but with Augmentation aided beidou operating at Centimeter accuracy,such a program can be launched countrywide .


    China will launch GNOS satellite in early 2013,and with that weather forecast will be far more accurate than it is now.The Radio occulation receives the earth limb occultaion BD/GPS signal, refracted passing through the atmosphere, retrieving the atmospheric profile of temperature, humidity, and
    ionospheric profile of TEC, by very high measurement of the path bending and the phase amplitude change.


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