Sunanda autopsy: Doctor pressured 2nd time around, after govt change

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    Mrs Tharoor is supposed to be a patient having Lupus.

    Yet the case has been interestingly complicated right from the start of investigation.

    Sunanda Pushkar died on 17 Jan.

    An e mail purportedly sent by an independent doctor to Pushkar’s husband, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, recalled that he had examined Pushkar on December 12 last year, and the email says, “Coconut water, which has a very high content of potassium, could have elevated her serum potassium levels and possibly slowed her heart rate. In addition, if she took alprax, it could have contributed to the slowing down of her heart rate and made it possibly difficult for her to call for help.”

    This could be interpreted either as a genuine attempt to help Gupta and it is not unusual to know the history of the patient (then the deceased) so that a holistic view could be taken or it could be also taken to be an attempt to influence the findings.

    Which of the two explanations is correct is the question.

    Likewise is the act of Tharoor informing the Head of AIIMS. It could be to keep the AIIMS informed of all the aspects of Pushkar's medical history, or it could be to influence the findings of the post mortem report.

    This aspect of Thaoor's - “I’m drawing this to the attention of Dr Mishra of AIIMS through our mutual friend… I recall your fear that without regular hydration and salt intake, she could suffer from recurring episodes of dangerously low blood pressure. Clearly, this must have occurred since she was not eating or drinking properly for two or three days” does not hold up well.

    Again, which of the two is correct?

    One is nonetheless intrigued my the specialist from Dubai's note where this specialist seems to be over eager give his prognosis to prove that Pushkar could have had scars and bleeding because of Lupus and bumping into furniture.

    A rather over zealous Good Samaritan?

    As far as the AIIMS Director putting pressure or demanding a clean chit be give, without evidence, it remains hearsay. However, this does not hold up the image of the Director AIIMS

    This does give some credence to the idea that Gupta was under pressure and so he went public giving a statement to the media. If what he said was right, then why suddenly only the talk of ethics etc? Instead the AIIMS Director should have rubbished Gupta's claims.

    Dr Gupta on May 27, a day after the BJP-led government was sworn in, alleged an “illegal, politically motivated agenda to oust me from the post of HoD since (I have) taken an honest and ethical stand in the post-mortem in the Sunanda Pushkar and Nido Tania cases.” In his letter sent to new Health Minister and AIIMS president Dr Harsh Vardhan also, Gupta mentioned the two cases. The timing does indicate that he had apprehensions during the UPA Govt tenure and only found his courage, if that is the word, when the NDA Govt came to power.

    Does this mean that he could have been under pressure from Ministers of the UPA Govt to 'doctor' the post mortem report? Could be. Or maybe not. Anything can happen in Lutyen's Delhi.

    One wonders where the truth lies and where the fiction starts.
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    Re: Sunanda autopsy: Doctor pressured 2nd time around, after govt chan

    Sunanda Pushkar was murdered. Most likely through a not so easily traceable poison. Which is why the cremation was done without delay. Any other theory is poppycock.

    The sad part is the stupid and pathetic people of Trivandrum voted Sashi Tharoor again. And overlooked one of the gems of Indian social service O Rajagopal. Says a lot about mallu intellect.
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