Suicide Among Pakistani armed forces deployed in Balochistan

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    Occupied Balochistan: According to reliable sources Since Baloch National Armed forces ( Sarmachars, the Freedom Fighters), have intensified the War, Pakistani forces seem to getting demoralized by every hour. According to sources as FC and Army deployed in every nook and corner of Balochistan, are involved in artillery shelling on civilian settlements, killing innocents, depriving them of their valuables and looting.

    But, at the same time Baloch Sarmachars are always there to defend their unarmed, innocent unarmed brethrens. Freedom Fighters are widely known as Sarmachars –meaning those who never care for their own lives for a bigger cause, in native Balochi Language.

    Pakistan Army is losing the war on psychological front as well, because the Guerilla operations of Baloch Sarmachars are not only courageous and well coordinated but deadly as well. Inshallah be successful against Paki Abduls.

    Our sources have reliably learned that Differences between Pak armed forces in Balochistan, the Army and Frontier Corps have surfaced and the escalated conflict brought the secrets out in Public, and Pakistan Military High Command are highly concerns over the issue.

    Though Pak army is always in denial, yet a trend of suicide within the armed forces is widely talked of about personnel deployed in Balochistan. The list surfaced so far, shows Major Mohsin Choudry at the top , who hanged himself , and found dead .He was posted in the Bahlool Area of Chamalang ,Kohlu.

    According to sources the suicide toll reached eight in the same area. They attained Jannat. :namaste: While in the Dera Bugti , Abid Hussain (JCO),and Tanveer Multani (Driver) are also included among the suicides. In the newly established Sui Cantonment Major Kalimullah and Shahid Choudry committed suicide due to psychological stress. Captan Pervaiz and Ziauddin Sawati,from Turbat Cantonment, Yasin and Asif from Khuzdar Cantonment, Mubaashir Hussain and Muhammad Siddique from Gawadar cantonment, Shafqat Ali from Noshki Cantonment, Haider Ali Kharan, Shareef Raza from Qalat, Lieutenant Safdar Ali Butt and Touseef from Kahan, Nujahid Khairullah Shinwari and Yasir Ali from Jaalri, while Malik Waqar Hussain and Ismail Shah have taken their lives at Karmoo Wadh Checkpost.

    These are a few names exposed in public so far, the real number and details may never get revealed, all of the above mentioned personnel and officers suffered the worst stress

    Suicide Among Pakistani armed forces deployed in Balochistan - News - News :
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    They attained Jannat ????
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    well pak army is pretty good in hiding such news to keep up the moral of its forces and staff stationed else where. thats why the only person knowing the exact information about its army seems to shiver and not the other people including civilians when it comes to standing by the ambitions of the nation which again are baked upon the falsified information hidden information and fake bravado. no reason why the defeat of pakistani forces(the actual reporting) they get after surfacing of the facts make pakistanis curious and either find it fake(just the opposite) or a conspiracy or propaganda or even paid reporting.

    one might recall death of 4 or 6 i dont remember exactly pakistani soldiers on border front recently when both indian army and pakistani army got indulged into continuous skirmishes. they didnt highlighted this news and i think it was only Indian daily printing it that prompted few pakistnai dailies to print it. this made pakistani calling it propaganda that india is lying regarding death of pakistani army soldiers.

    in short the reason why pakistani forces are seen larger than life and alway winning force( just the opposite) is this hiding of facts and releasing of false info
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