Subramanian Swamy files petition in SC against Chidambaram

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    Subramanian Swamy files petition in SC against Chidambaram

    NEW DELHI: Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy today moved the Supreme Court challenging the trial court order which had held that home minister P Chidmbaram did not indulge in any criminal conspiracy in the 2G case and refused to make him an accused in it.

    Swamy has alleged that Chidambaram was equally culpable like former telecom minister A Raja as he also had a role in deciding the spectrum pricing and allowing telecom companies to off-load shares to foreign firms.

    He had said that the evidence brought before the trial court was sufficient to show that Chidambaram, as the then finance minister, had prima facie committed offences under the Prevention of Corruption Act and other criminal laws.

    Swamy's plea was, however, rejected on February 4, by the Special CBI Court, trying the 2G case, which had said Chidambaram did not indulge in any criminal conspiracy or derived any pecuniary advantage in the decisions taken with Raja.

    The trail court had said that Chidambaram, the finance minister at the time of controversial allocation of 2G spectrum in 2008, was only party to two decisions--keeping spectrum prices at 2001 level and dilution of equity by two companies--which was "not per se criminal".

    The Supreme Court had on February 2 left on the special court to decide the plea to try Chidambaram in the case.

    The trial court had rejected the private criminal complaint filed by Swamy, saying it was without merits.

    It said Swamy could not bring evidence on record to show that Chidambaram was acting with "corrupt" and "illegal" motive and the case against him was distinguishable from other accused who are facing trial in the 2G case.

    Subramanian Swamy files petition in SC against Chidambaram - The Times of India
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    The issue won't come up in court until March, until then we will have to munch on other spicy news. :D
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    this PC is the greatest insult to our Democracy and Judiciary..........

    Here is a thug, who "won" the election "after" losing it..... Everyone knows he is involved in 2G- even some common sense is enough to understand this, but here we are, having him as a Home mister....!!!!!!! God save our country....:tsk:

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