Stupid girl wanted to marry a married man and tried to kill her parents for opposing

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    SANGRUR: In a shocking incident that came to light here yesterday, Sangrur police arrested a young girl and five persons she had hired to kill her parents and brother.

    The girl, Manpreet Kaur, wanted to kill her parents and brother after they raised an objection to her decision of marrying her lover Gurmeet Singh, who was already married.

    However, the contract killers were unable to kill Manpreet’s parents and instead, killed their domestic help. The girl and contract killers have confessed to the crime. The killers have been identified as Karamjit Singh, Sukhwinder Singh, Satgur Singh of Bora Kalan village, Paramjit Singh, Ratandeep Singh.

    Giving details, Sangrur SSP Harcharan Singh Bhullar said three motorbikes, a pistol of 315 bore and three cartridges were recovered from them. The police is investigating the role of Manpreet’s lover Gurmeet Singh in the case.

    According to police, Manpreet Kaur, a resident of Kanjhla village, had a relationship with Gurmeet Singh, who was already married, and she wanted to marry him. However, Manpreet's parents did not approve of their relationship and often stopped Manpreet from meeting Gurmeet.

    "Her family’s disapproval of her relationship with Gurmeet enraged Manpreet and she decided to eliminate her mother, father and brother," said SSP Bhullar, giving details.

    For the purpose, she hired five contract killers and promised them Rs 5 lakh. The contract killers tried to kill their targets twice but failed.

    The SSP further said the contract killers tried to strike again on the intervening night of July 15-16 but were faced with the family's domestic help Jarnail Singh who was sleeping in the open courtyard. They killed Jarnail and proceeded to eliminate Manpreet's family members. By this time, the family members woke up and the killers had to flee.

    A special investigating team has been set up to probe the incident.
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    Re: Stupid girl wanted to marry a married man and tried to kill her parents for oppos

    Don't want to make fun of the deceased but....

    Had they not killed the maid, they would be butt of jokes.
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    Re: Stupid girl wanted to marry a married man and tried to kill her parents for oppos

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

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