Structure of Armoured Corps and Regiment of Artillery?????

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    How is armoured and artillery organised in Indian army?

    For eg.- Infantry

    Division: An Army Division is an intermediate between a Corps and a Brigade. It is the largest striking force in the army. Each Division is headed by [General Officer Commanding] (GOC) in the rank of Major General. It usually consists of 15,000 combat troops and 8,000 support elements.

    Brigade: A Brigade generally consists of around 3,000 combat troops with supporting elements. An Infantry Brigade usually has 3 Infantry Battalions along with various Support Arms & Services. It is headed by a Brigadier.

    Battalion: A Battalion is commanded by a Colonel and is the Infantry's main fighting unit. It consists of more than 900 combat personnel.

    Company: Headed by the Major, a Company comprises 120 soldiers.

    Platoon: An intermediate between a Company and Section, a Platoon is headed by a Lieutenant or depending on the availability of Commissioned Officers, a Junior Commissioned Officer, with the rank of Subedar or Naib-Subedar. It has a total strength of about 32 troops.

    Section: Smallest military outfit with a strength of 10 personnel. Commanded by a Non-commissioned officer of the rank of Havildar Major or Sergeant Major.
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    Armd Corps regiment/ battalion - is made up of 3 squadrons, each sqn has 3 troops and sqn HQ.
    Arty regiment - made up of 3 batteries, each battery has 3 sections of 2 guns each.
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