Strong dangerous earthquake along the Myanmar China (Yunnan) border

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    Update May 27 3:06 UTC : The earthquake has caused major damage out of the 313000 affected residents, 10264 have been evacuated/relocated.
    - 4400 people are living in tents, 2240 people are living in makeshift shelters and 3624 are staying with friends and family.
    - 367 million CNY damage has so far been registered (ca. 60 million USD).
    - 15 people injured
    - 36 schools damaged with 24700 students affected.
    - Silicon supply to the region may be affected meaning that there could be production losses associated with this earthquake.
    - Over $1.7 million aid has been distributed so far.
    Update May 25 16:13 UTC : The earthquake, which happened at 4:49 am in Yingjiang County on May 24, had affected 313,000 residents in 15 towns and toppled and damaged 9,688 houses as of 7:40 pm. on May 24. About 3,000 rescuers are working in the county to remove potential risks, set up tents and resume the power supply (source : ChinaDaily)

    Source : Strong dangerous earthquake along the Myanmar China (Yunnan) border – 15 people injured and a lot of damage

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