State-run oil firms to revise petrol prices every two weeks

Discussion in 'Economy & Infrastructure' started by Ray, Nov 17, 2011.

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    Does this mean that the current drop in petrol price was a cosmetic appeasement and grounds are being made to have the petrol prices return to the rate that was there before this 'dramatic' cut?

    Imagine the trust deficit in this Govt that people are moving in to fill petrol full tank before the petrol prices are brought back to the old high rates.

    One cannot believe that the economist PM, MMS, was talking through his hat that petrol prices cannot be brought down and even shooed off the quixotic Mamata Bannerjee's (MB) gang of MPs that they were actually talking through their hats! And that too when MB threatened that she would leave the UPA and thus cut off the oxygen and lifeline of MMS and Sonia's UPA!

    I think it the way India is muddling through the economic situation, it is time we resort to reading tea leave and Tarot Cards since they may be more reliable than the pronouncement of various Ministers, to include the PM and their various spokespersons!

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