State Governments vs Farmers

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    NOIDA land battle: 3 held hostage by agitated farmers

    Farmers in Greater Noida took three roadways employees of Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) hostage on Friday night and demanded higher compensation for their land acquired by the state government for construction of a bus terminus.

    The farmers have said that they will consider releasing the hostages only if Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati intervenes and resolves their grievances.

    Uttar Pradesh Police personnel have moved into the area to rescue the hostages. In the process, the District Magistrate of NOIDA has reportedly been hurt during clashes between the police and the agitated villagers.

    On Monday, the farmers held hostage the employees of a private developer in Sector 76 in NOIDA.

    This is not the first time farmers and government are at loggerhead over acquisition of land. Let us discuss all socio-economic, political and legal implications. My question is why are state governments turning into land mafia? Why are agitating farmers being shot and thrashed by police so frequently, leading to such situations? Something needs to be changed.
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    Whatever the demands, hostage taking is a terrorist act. Period.

    Farmers are NOT opposing acquisition, they are demanding prices which are astronomical compared to the incomes generated as claimed by the farmers. You will never catch a farmer admittijng he is prosprous.
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    They are being given a huge sum of money for the land. The agreed upon 40 lakhs per acre. Now the farmers want the same prices as greater Noida i.e. 90 lakhs.

    It clearly gundaraaj in UP. Opposition is using the 'Garib Kisaan' card for political mileage. On one hand Congress refuses to back down against farmers in Maharashtra, on the other hand they are supporting the so called 'garib kisaans' in UP.
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    Infact farmers should be 1 crore.

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