Sri Lanka to train Pakistani army

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    Sri Lanka to train Pakistani army

    Sri Lanka will offer specialist counter-insurgency training

    Sri Lanka's army has said it will be happy to give training to members of the Pakistani military.

    It says Islamabad has requested the training because of the country's success in defeating the Tamil Tigers.

    In May, the government announced the end to a decades-long war with the rebel group.

    The army's new commander told the BBC that Pakistan had already asked if it could send its military cadets to train in counter-insurgency operations.

    "We'll give a favourable response," Lt Gen Jagath Jayasuriya said of the request.

    He said the Sri Lankan military envisaged specialist courses lasting up to six weeks, directed towards small groups from interested armies.

    Lt Gen Jayasuriya said there was external interest in how the military had defeated the rebel group in practical terms.

    The army now wished to construct a written military doctrine in English.

    Mutual support

    He said Sri Lanka had offered similar training, through diplomatic channels, to other countries including the United States, India, Bangladesh and The Philippines.

    He dismissed reports that the Pakistanis might receive military training in newly recaptured parts of northern Sri Lanka, saying it would be more likely in the south-east.

    But he did say new permanent military bases would be set up in those northern areas including the rebels' former headquarters, Kilinochchi.

    Sri Lanka and Pakistan have long enjoyed warm relations.

    In late May, Pakistan - like India, China and Russia - helped Colombo defeat a motion at the UN which would have criticised both the government and the rebels for allegedly violating humanitarian law during the war.

    But India, which is highly influential here, might well be uncomfortable at this news of the Pakistanis' interest in being trained.

    BBC NEWS | South Asia | Sri Lanka to train Pakistani army
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    Sri Lanka has defeated Tamil Tigers because India provided strong naval support and stopped military supplies from reaching the Tamil areas.

    It is good Pakistani Army is going to Sri Lanka for training. I hope Sri Lankan trainers show Pakistani Army personnel how to take on the ISI training camps in Azad Kashmir, Karachi and in West Punjab. They must show them how to kill these terrorists and not support them as they have been trained to do so in the past.
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    they forgot about civilian safety and a mass genocide as they wiped out all civilians to terrorists but no other country can do this as they gave id to all tamils and kept all of them under suspect and also killed many suspected civilians who are not at all terrorists ,many people raised the gaza issue but forgot to look into this
    srilanka elimination of terrorist is using religious and ethnic elimination and people raise srk issue forgot to raise this issue here
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    Nice the Sri lankan army will surely have a trick or two to teach the Pakistan Army from it's recent experiences.Hope the knowledge is put to good use.
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    Think the pakistan SSG is being trained for operations in jungle.. but why they need training in jungle terrain as there is no jungle in Pakistan???
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    Sri Lanka to train Pak army???

    Sri Lanka to train Pak army

    COLOMBO: Following the victory of the Sri Lankan army over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a militant outfit once considered by many as an invincible force, Pakistan has asked Sri Lanka to provide training to its military personnel.

    The government of Pakistan wants the Sri Lankan military to train its personnel in counter-insurgency operations, the Commander of the Sri Lankan Army, Lt-Gen Jagath Jayasuriya, told journalists on Thursday.
    He said several other countries had also sought information about the strategy and tactics adopted by the Sri Lankan armed forces to decimate the LTTE in just three years of intense fighting.

    Pakistan helped Sri Lanka fight the LTTE by supplying arms when other countries had put an embargo on arms sales to the country.

    Adm Wasantha Karannagoda, a former naval chief who is currently the National Security Adviser, had said at an international naval seminar in the UK that the strategies and tactics used by the Sri Lankan navy to tackle the LTTE’s naval arm could be of use to other navies because in the conflicts of the future navies would be facing not battleships and destroyers but small and fast boats of non-state rogue navies which could be indulging in insurgencies, piracies and trafficking of various kinds.

    DAWN.COM | World | Sri Lanka to train Pak army

    What a a###### is this??????
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    lol man why would pakistani army need to take out isi camps??? isi is a part of pakistani army
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    La La Land
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    I think you mistook his defenition of terrorists versus state, statement wrong.

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