Spoilers in Pak-India rapprochement

Discussion in 'Foreign Relations' started by ladder, Jun 19, 2013.

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    Spoilers in Pak-India rapprochement


    Wow, another article about the world conspires against Pakistan.

    Author is apprehensive ( comprehend-able) about Advani and Modi but why Rahul?
    does he thinks he isn't a statesman or will not turn out to be one?
    This is indeed bad for Rahul, not only Indians but Pakistani's too doubt his leadership qualities.
    But surely the act of bending backward by Manmohan Singh has earned him admirers across the border.

    Author believes that, our military acts independent of govt. control just like theirs.
    And our armed forces are in a habit of throwing spoilers to derail peace process.
    Setting the violation of Pakistani airspace by Indian jets as an example.
    Even if remotely true, I am disappointed with IAF.
    If you had to throw spoiler you could have done it in style by sending two Sukhoi-30.
    ' Sending two MiG-21 which are not even 'Bison' is not upto the mark.

    Author still feels the PAF action caused the IAF jets to go away.
    This incident 'warranted a Demarche' the author feels.
    But why not Doisser?
    We gave you one running into hundreds of pages, you could have responded approp'riately.
    Oh, maybe the 30% budget cut and austerity drive by Nawaz may have stalled stationary procurement of foreign office.

    The author also feels that the hot headed Jat who beat up their diplomat and his driver works for RAW.

    Author does not commit grave sin by not mentioning the unknown 'power' conspiring against his dear Pakistan.
    Author also quotes TOI but doesn't give the reasons.
    Author also takes liberty of skipping incidents where an Indian JCO was killed and a Brig. ranked officer was injured by shelling from Pakistani side. But why should he mention them, they don't constitute spoilers do they?

    The peak of the article is" Pakistan needs to watch out against appeasement and India needs to guard against misplaced arrogance "
    I would not like to comment on it but let members just savoir this statement.

    And finally an expert from a country which recently displaced India as their most hated country comes to his rescue.
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    What rapprochement?

    A state that cynically brainwashes its people through an education system that non-momins are kaffirs etc.

    Fact remains this aman ka asha will remain a wet dream of pseudo intellectuals.

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