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    Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

    According to my assessment, corruption in other countries is quite different from that of Indian corruption. Corruption in other countries is not at the cost of development. But in India we are paying g a heavy price in terms of development due to this corruption. Corruption in other countries can be tolerated but corruption in India is not tolerable. As far as developed countries are concerned, there is no lower level corruption therefore there is good infrastructure and communication. So, in these countries if there is higher level corruption, it has to be tolerated. While in India corruption exists even at lower levels due to which there is poor infrastructure, and this cannot be tolerated. If we want corruption-free India, we will have to bring an end to the so-called controlled economy. As long as controlled economy remains, corruption will remain.

    Shri Shri Nimishananda Guru

    If one can see without prejudice, the source of corruption lies in (a) sense of greed (b) sense of permanency and (c) sense of lack of confidence (d) Sense of failure in the existing system from the p past 40 years and (e)a sense of separation from people who hold power. That is Nepotism at every level has eaten the very roots of our society. All these factors can be effectively addressed by making people aware of reality of existence called as 'Consciousness' Spiritually and socially called as Social Consciousness. When we make people to focus spiritually only on our needs, then, social consciousness springs up to highlight our life in respect with this called as I and I alone who is the main axis responsible to the existence of our society. As I normally put it, A Society means a group of individuals. A group of societies form a group of areas, a group of areas make a town or a city, a group of cities make a state and a group of states make a nation and a nation makes everyone proud of its values, culture and technological advancement. This knowledge inturn gives us the awareness and the patriotism to nurture and nourish the importance of 'Social Consciousness'. At this juncture if all the people are highlighted of their 'Social Consciousness', then, a great POLITICAL WILL in people with POWER will undergo a metamorphosis to change our existing society to a Selfless, charged, patriotic society where the nation takes predominance over other selfish interests and motives to take technological advancements and motivates selfish minds to selfless minds. This type of a charged mind can also activate and motivate to give basic amenities and basic comforts to each and every citizen to earn with confidence and give them peace and happiness. This way inflation rates come down drastically and the GDP can be balanced with us the citizens not suffering at all. When we realize this that we are all one and not separate, our behavior goes through a radical transformation. All these, then become possible by us for educational restructuring, social restructuring and political restructuring along with effective laws armed to the teeth to deal with untoward elements.

    Swami Dayananda

    In a democratic nation, a given party comes to power. It has to fight elections, and therefore there is money involved. Unless the party fighting elections is able to account for the monies that it co ollects and spends, corruption can never be avoided, because in the name of the party needs, the whole administration becomes corrupt. A drastic reformation is required in the electoral system and party accountability.

    Yogi Ashwini

    Corruption has been prevalent all over the world since time immemorial. Where there is power there would be an urge to misuse it for personal gains, this power can be spiritual or physical. It's easy to impose laws and stringent punishments, but the human urge for greed would take out novel ways to escape and bypass. A perfect example of this is the Moghul rule, which imposed cruel punishments like beheading and cutting off hands... but we find maximum cases of corruption and treachery during that period. Imprisoning of Shah Jahan being a glaring example. In a democracy like ours where we cannot even think of such punishments, where it takes 15-20 years in the court of law to deliver justice, how can we expect to scare people to be honest. The only way to contain corruption is to educate the world on the basic laws which govern Creation, primary being the Law of Karma. In the golden period of the Indian civilisation the path of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha were the four folds of a mans life. The purpose of life was to live enjoy, experience everything... and then leave and go beyond to the real life. The artificial life, which a modern man lives is based on the fallacy that this is all that there is, we live only once collect as much by whatever means possible... no one's watching. If we have to contain corruption then there must be freedom and education of all of the above four: Dharma would explain the Law of Karma and would show the consequences of being corrupt and selfish; Artha would give freedom of earning in the right way; Kama would ensure sexual satisfaction, which would eradicate sexual corruption. Only a man satisfied in all aspects would want to get salvation as he would see the redundancy of the physical life and the beauty of what lies beyond, only he would live honestly for he would know the consequences of corruption. I assure you there is no other way.


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    since we are asking religious gurus for solution to our political problems
    may be praying will help alleviate corruption.

    when only skill one has is of using hammer every problem seems like a nail..........

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