Southern Asia's nuclear myths

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    more details here COLUMN - Southern Asia's nuclear myths revisited post bin Laden | Reuters
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    Pakistan warned India during '90-'91, not to attempt any adventure. Indian ambassador in Pak was briefed by GOP about the same. US validated Pak's Nuke claim in a private meeting with Indian leaders.

    AQ Khan told some Indian friends in GOI, "You people be careful, they've got the Bomb!"

    New Delhi was in intense pressure by that time.


    To go Nuclear or not, became paramount puzzle for India. Thanks to Morarji Desai, Indian nuclear research went slow. But by end of 91, physical nuclear test became essential.

    We had couple of failed attempts in that time. By failed I mean; all preparations were done, every scientist was ready, logistical arrangements completed but in final hour they received Abort-10 order from Delhi. No wonder, US deterred Indians in doing so.

    If am not wrong it was Narasimha Rao, who wrote Atal Bihari Vajpayee "I couldn't do it, you do it."

    Finally by 1998, RAW & IA were able to completely fool US sats. Although I feel world would have been much different if India continued nuke test during '70s.
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