Sonia's dream project derailed: Striking farmers lock factory gates

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    These people will in all probability vote for Sonia Gandhi/Cong(I) in 2014 still.

    Sonia's dream project derailed: Striking farmers lock gates of Rae Bareli factory in protest over 'broken job promises'


    The Sonia Gandhi-led UPA may have promised the moon to the nation's poor with new laws on food security and land acquisition, but Rae Bareli, the Congress president's own parliamentary constituency, could well be on another planet.

    The Rail Coach Factory, Sonia's dream project in the constituency, is in the news again for the wrong reasons because agitating local farmers are protesting at its main gate for the jobs they were promised when their land was acquired by the state government.

    On Monday, some of them even locked it for a while.

    At the heart of the Rae Bareli factory trouble is jobs for the farmers whose land has been acquired. The anger of the villagers of Lalganj, where the factory is located, has been brewing for many months. It burst on Monday, when at least 100 farmers blocked the road leading to the factory and locked its gate.
    They also organised a sit-in, demanding the management must fulfil its promise on the jobs the project was supposed to have brought.

    Monu Mishra, a protesting farmer, said: "We are empty-handed even after the country has food security and a new act for land acquisition. As the general election is nearing, the only option left for us is to mount pressure on Sonia to ask her UPA government to solve our problem. Once the election is over, she would be as elusive as any other politician of the country."

    Dharna to continue
    The lock was removed a few hours later after a meeting with officers of the local administration, but the dharna continued into Tuesday. The farmers say the protest will continue till their demands are met.

    The Rae Bareli factory seems to be jinxed. Sonia inaugurated the factory in November 2012. She and then railway minister Lalu Prasad Yadav laid the foundation stone on February 13, 2007 with a promise that the lives of the local people would be transformed.

    Then CM Mayawati refused to provide land, questioning the intentions of the Congress president. She had said that over 200 small and big factories started at the behest of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi had been declared sick and closed in the constituency - but Sonia wanted to build a new factory rather than revive them.

    Mayawati succumbed to pressure later, marking 258 hectares of land for the rail coach factory.

    The irony is hard to miss. Mayawati's land acquisition policy between 2007 and 2012 was fair game for the Congress. The acquisition of land from farmers in western UP for private builders along the Yamuna Expressway had sparked mass protests that saw then Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi thrust into a stellar role.

    And that's just the problem in Rae Bareli. The farmers whose land was acquired for the rail coach project were angry right from the beginning because the Railways offered only the lowly Group D jobs. They came around only after the Railways announced in November last year that 1,450 vacancies in the pay grade of Rs 1,800 had been approved for the family members of farmers whose land had been used for the factory.

    The forms went out, and the next glitch hit. A clause specifying 33 years as the age limit for employment cut off most jobseekers.

    Ram Kishore Singh Baghel, one of the protesting farmers, said: "The land of over 1,500 farmers was acquired between 2008 and 2009. There were about 850 farmers whose children were below 33 then. But they were above 33 when the appointment process started last year. The grandchildren of most farmers are also not eligible because they are below 18 years of age."
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    Re: Sonia's dream project derailed: Striking farmers lock gates of Rae

    But of course this won't make it to "national" TV. If a dog gets run over at a factory in Gujarat, it gets escalated into a Modi problem within nanoseconds, and an emergency session of the holier-than-thou council (Sanjay Jha, random lady with Rupee coin-sized bindi, Teesta setalvad, random JDU barking dog) is convened at the day's 9 PM slot.
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    Re: Sonia's dream project derailed: Striking farmers lock gates of Rae

    Because anything Secularists do is a divine prophecy.

    These farmers are bloody traitors who should be jailed for daring to oppose the holiest Secular goddess, Madam G. :lol:
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    Re: Sonia's dream project derailed: Striking farmers lock factory gate

    Though i didn't read the article, what you have is most probable thing. They see nothing is getting done for them but still vote for nehru-gandhis
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    Re: Sonia's dream project derailed: Striking farmers lock factory gate

    Sonia G has her heart in the right place, if one is to believe the Congress folks,

    It is her minions who misguide her and ruin her dreams.

    Though I will say she too is at fault.

    She should have pursued her promises and not left it to her minions in the Cabinet.

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