Song xiaojun on Food Security

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    In 1949, the total grain yield in China was less than 80 million tonnes, which means 140 Kg per capita, While India at that moment, had a gross grain yield of 60 million tonnes, and a 160 Kg per capita average yield. During the 1950-1970s, China still relied part of its transportation upon animal, even the grain used for feeding these animals was on quota. Until 1980s, we were requested to show our certificate of quota in order to buy variety grains. Now average Indian grain yield is still less than 200 Kg, but our average grain yield has surpassed 400 Kg, plus, if we want to improve our diet, we can use our manufactured goods to trade with another countries to get more grain and meat.

    Why you may wonder,is India still under starvation? India has the world largest and the Asia's best arable lands, but why their people are still hungry? ( 1/5 plus Indian was under the threat of food security, it's hunger Index has increased). It was due to British Colonization, according to French historian F. Braudel, during the 400 years, India has been de-industrialized, on purpose, by the British.

    We are blessed that those Brits just came to smuggle in Opium to balance trade, they may have broke in and robbed some of national treasure away, but we were not colonized by them.

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    Is there a followup to the article ?
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    Song Xiaojun is a military egghead quite often showing up on TV interviews as a guest.

    But I don't buy in his "de-industrilization" thing. On the contrary it was a indstrializing process, Brits buying raw materials, buiding up infra, textile factoris alike, meantime selling finished products to India.

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