Smugglers dig 40m China-Hong Kong tunnel

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    Smugglers dig 40m China-Hong Kong tunnel - The Times of India

    BEIJING: Smugglers built a 40m long underground tunnel from the Chinese city of Shenzhen to Hong Kong without being discovered by the patrolling authorities. It is believed the tunnel was about 20m short of its intended destination, a village on the Hong Kong side of the frontier.

    The tunnel, which was discovered by military authorities last week, was complete with rail tracks, a chain wheel and a small cart to transport electronic and luxury goods. The professionally-designed tunnel had a wagon with a block-and-tackle system using rails to transfer goods. The narrow tunnel, 0.8m wide and one metre high, also had hanging lamps and ventilators meant to help smugglers pass through the tunnel.

    Hong Kong, which is an autonomous region with lower tax structures, is the source of huge amount of smuggling into China. For instance, Apple products cost 17% more in Mainland China compared to Hong Kong. The road, rail and water crossings on the border connecting Mainland China with Hong Kong is a scene of daily battles between smugglers and the authorities.

    Defense forces, which found out the tunnel, have not been able to apprehend anyone so far. They have estimated the cost of building the tunnel to be three million yuan ($494,000), the Shenzhen Economic Daily reported.

    Both exits of the tunnel are difficult to identify. The Hong Kong end opens in a thicket of tall reed near a river while the Shenzhen exit is hidden beneath a garage rented by a smuggler using a fake identity card. The raiding party found the garage full of packing boxes. Residents in the area near Shenzhen said they heard sounds of drilling on some nights but assumed they were part of the construction and renovation work going on nearby.

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