"SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE" - derogatory, reality or complimentary ?

Discussion in 'Politics & Society' started by roma, Oct 16, 2009.

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    Dear members of the forum ,
    A few months ago or perhaps was it a year ( times flies !) that the film was released and boy did it hit the screens . But there were one or two groups in india itself that felt the title wasnt very complimentary and went on a protest march. Here in Iberia, the name was changed and in fact it translates into "who wants to be a millionaire" and the change in title itself hints that the original title , as depicted in english-speaking countries was in fact " somewhat unsuitable "
    But overall - what was the effect of the film - was it a sign of hope that the poor in india are getting themselves UP - pulling themselves by their bootstrings as it were ? or is it downtreading, negative ?
    was it just an opportunity for a british nri to make some money out of the plight of his people , was it a conspiracy with the brits to keep indians down image -wise ( as usual ) . Was it a brit brow-beating an nri to make this film and "hey mac- there's money in it " ?
    do we have a situation now , that when there's a rich indian in the neighbourhood , people are gonna say " well here comes the slumdog millionaire " ?~
    is slumdog millionaire actually a shortened form of "slum plus dog(s) plus millions ?
    im sorry , it's not intended to offend anyone because it's already a realty that the film with that title has been released. In fact right here on this very forum one of our beloved chinese members has referred to us as slumdog , without even the millionaire add-on.

    ok , i've said enough . Now it's your turn.
    It would be great to have this discussed i think, and i'd really like to hear your opinions on it
    best regards,
    r ( your NRI rep in Iberia )
  3. dineshchaturvedi

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    The film shows the reality of India, but being a film it has exaggerated few things. I have no problem with that, but some people might get wrong impression about India.
  4. thakur_ritesh

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    Feb 19, 2009
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    Land of the GODS - "Dev Bhomi".
    a reality that stares millions of indians everyday, though the name was not apt equating humans to a dog but still the miserable lives millions live in india probably there was no better title for the movie, and certainly their lives are not far from what a stray dog would have.
  5. NSG_Blackcats

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    This is a film made on Dharavi (one of World’s biggest slum). This is not the first film made on Dharavi. But as this film won an Oscar award it created much hype. Some facts are rightly portrayed in the movie but many things are exaggerated. Dharavi is a slum no doubt but there are lots of small scale industries within Dharavi. It is not only a residential space, but also a major economic hub representing the city’s vast informal sector. In 2006 it was estimated Dharavi’s economy is of $650 million.
  6. sky

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    having watched slumdog, i thought it was one of the best films i have seen .Danny boyle has a great repuation as a film maker and i thought he made a good film with a a cast of very good young indian actors.

    Mr boyle has made a lot of money from the sucess of slumdog and has promised when the child stars in his film have grown up he will give them a there share of the films profit.This is to stop the money these kid are owed being spent by there parents or them being targeted by crooks.

    I think this is the right thing to do as he is looking out for the welfare of kids, he turned into stars.The film looked pretty real to me and a r rahman was a inspired choice for the writing the films songs.
  7. tarunraju

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    Sep 18, 2009
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    "derogatory, reality or complimentary?"

    I would say it's derogatory, but reality. Before somebody throws semantics or stats at me, the portrayal of the 'slumdog' wasn't inaccurate, the depiction of Indian poverty wasn't inaccurate, either. The movie doesn't want to tell you that what is being shown is 'all'. Hence any argument about "no, Indians better off than that" won't hold ground. I still don't see that movie as Oscar-deserving though. Sure, the performance of everyone part of the movie was top-notch, though, I think it's more about the story and what exactly it's trying to show the global audience, which won awards, and not quite how Danny's team was meritorious in its attempt. Westerners aren't used to "Indian poverty", and hence it's a 'fascinating' movie more than anything. You'll see how foreigners in India are trying to picture or record the things that make India different from their countries, and not our development. That's because a broad, clean road, tall glassy buildings, neato shopping malls, rapidly improving public transport, etc., aren't new for them, and hence don't fascinate them. A western viewer thinking "hey look, that's a third-world slum-kid" almost doesn't sound different from "hey look, an exotic South American bird" on a trip to the Zoo.
  8. peacecracker

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    It is Indeed Derogatory.But ,it sure showed the Ugly face of India - The Poor People, their iives.
    My idea is ,government must disperse ghettos all over India around suburbs of Big Cities.Instead ,give them dwellings and proper education and other supports.Remember these slums are formed by immigration majority.
    India needs development uniformly all over the Country.I have a feeling that North Eastern States,Eastern States like West Bengal are little backward while South India and Rest of India develops fastly.
  9. jackprince

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    soon to be Bengalistan
    Derogatory. Definitely Derogatory. But the Oscar it won shows how little the West knows about India. I was stunned when it won so many Oscars! It was like a bollywood movie packaged in Hollywood cover - following no logic or even understanding of India.

    First scene : Jamal is being tortured in Police Station?!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anybody who knows our contemporary media, believes that one who is at the verge of winning a hugely popular show and who has a huge fan-base already built during the show on previous day especially because where he comes from, would be touched by the cops without a solid evidence, forget about torture?! That story would leak, and the cop would be hanged to dry by media. Mr. Boyle doesn't have any idea where India has reached. He still thinks we are like may be Pakistan or Arabian countries - a virtual police state, where media doesn't have a voice. I mentioned this scene because this very scene put me off to the whole film from the beginning.

    Or as the character of Prem Kumar was shown? However much a popular person the host might be, do you believe that any show-host in India will be openly be so hostile on-screen toward someone because he came from poverty?

    Or the way Salim suddenly sacrificed himself? By watching the movie from beginning to end, i just don't understand why Salim would suddenly have such 180 turn of his conscience that he gets himself killed?

    I don't know, and may be my understanding is little. But the film didn't deserve any award let alone Oscar. Even the music is not great compared to the other works of A.R. Rahman and Gulzar! Though I'm happy they got those awards. But we Indians have listened Rahman for so long, in Roja, Bombay,Taal, Sathya, Rand De Basanti - that 'Jai ho' seemed to be rather bland compared to those works.

    The fact is when "Slumdog Millionaire' does portray a lots of black and grey area of India, it simply fails to highlightr any bright area. That is what angers me.
  10. S.A.T.A

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    A movie doesn't make or break a nations image,not even a wannabe Bollywood clone....no need to be hung up over that...
  11. King Julien

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    Poor people? have you been to Dharavi for photo session, that you saw kids running in their torn clothes?

    @ For all the sympathizers of poverty porn.

    Dharavi DNA: Dirty Games of Congress in Mumbai.

    You need Rs. 1,530,000/- to get a 140 sq ft. room at Dharavi:

    --> area offered 140 sq ft @ 1,500,000 (can be used for commercial activities)
    --> ration card @ 25000 (showing you as resident of Mumbai since 94)
    --> voters ID @ 5000
    --> electricity, telephone, DTH, bills on your name.
    --> job guarantee 100% (Kripashankar Singh; Jindabad Jindabad)
    --> business loan @ 6.5% p.a.

    Why will you pay such huge amount for slum, when you can get a flat to mira road at same price?
    --> GoI is planning redevelopment of Dharavi at an est. for 15,000 Crore

    Majority of migrants are from Bangladesh, UP,Bihar.

    Congress supports these migrants simply for vote's, Idea is to continually support the Influx and Keep creating new constituencies; Thus getting your people elected.

    Why Mumbai? Because Mumbai according to an estimate contributes Rs.900 to 1200 crore annually towards Party funds (you need to be in power in Mumbai to fetch this amount).

    It's Mumbaikar who suffers these dirty games, Influx is going on @ average of 300 Migrants coming to Mumbai everyday. There's no Planned Infrastructure in place, a few hours of rains sinks Mumbai. No Proper Roads, Bad Transportation, 4,500 Tax paying Mumbaikars die in train accidents annually.

    Throwing Mumbaikars out of Mumbai?
    As middle class population grows, demands of homes increases, Housing in Mumbai is now out of reach for middle class; so in the name of affordable housing Government announces flats for Mumbaikars @ 300,000 to 500,000.. Good, but where are these houses coming up? it takes approx. 2-3hours travel time to reach mumbai from these project site.
    take money from tax paying Mumbaikars, build houses for non tax paying, poor migrants at prime location in Mumbai, and throw Mumbaikars out of Mumbai.

    Now, you decide who's Poor?
    When our leader stands up for these Issue, you tag him as terrorist who wants to break this country; numerous cases are lodged against him, why? because he asked his share???:((

    Misery continues for Mumbai even after contributing 45% of India’s total tax collections :((

    (No of Mumbaikars dead in Train accidents from 1-1-06 to 31-7-06)
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  13. shotgunner

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    Thanks, very conclusive statement. I have a different image after watching.

    The Oscar winner a wannabe Bollywood clone?

    I agree with you, no need to get hung up on that, it does not change people's perception anyway.

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