Six closed Robert Vadra cos under corporate affairs ministry’s lens?

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    Problems for Robert Vadra, son-in-law of Congress president Sonia Gandhi, may not end with the shutting down of six of his companies, which have bought properties and land in Rajasthan and Haryana.

    The corporate affairs ministry will scrutinise the records of these companies and see why these companies have not been filing any annual returns.

    Four of Vadra’s companies — Lifeline Agrotech Pvt Ltd, Greenwave Agro Pvt Ltd, Rightline Agriculture Pvt Ltd and Primetime Agro Pvt Ltd — have been dissolved, while two more, Future Infra Agro Pvt Ltd and Best Seasons Agro Pvt Ltd will be dissolved soon. Vadra was managing director in all these companies.

    HT had first reported on July 8 that Vadra was shutting down these companies.

    Denying all allegations, Suman Khaitan and Co, advocates and notaries, representing Vadra, said in a letter that the six companies have been closed or are in the process of closing because these companies have not done any business whatsoever. “These are private companies and our client is well within his right to close these companies lawfully. You may kindly note that since none of these six companies ever transacted any business, there is no question of any of these six companies having ever recorded any profit,” the letter said.

    “If any prima facie evidence of illegality or wrongdoing is found, investigations could continue even after the companies cease to exist,” a senior official in the corporate affairs ministry said on condition of anonymity.

    “The law will be followed and it does not matter whether a company has been shut or not,” he said. The companies that have been shut down or are in the process of being shut down have not filed annual returns or balance sheets since their incorporation.

    “We need to see why these companies have never filed any returns and if there are any discrepancies in their records,” the official said.

    “Winding up companies will not impact ongoing or future investigations into alleged offenses under the Prevention of Corruption Act against directors or officers of such companies,” said Manoj Kumar, managing partner of law firm Hammurabi & Solomon.

    There has been alleged discrepancies surrounding Vadra’s acquisition of land in some states. Reports have alleged windfall gains by Vadra due to undue favours by the previous Congress government, which was voted out of power in Haryana last month.

    Six closed Robert Vadra cos under corporate affairs ministry’s lens? - Hindustan Times
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    Re: Six closed Robert Vadra cos under corporate affairs ministry’s len

    He started 6 companies just like that and didnt do any business with it..
    Thats believable

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