Sikh terror suspect in M'sia deported to India

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    Sikh terror suspect in M'sia deported to India

    An Indian national, believed to be part of an international Sikh militant group, has been deported from Malaysia

    Satpal Singh Raghvir Singh, 41, was arrested in the Cheras for immigration offences on Jan 4 and sent back to India yesterday.

    Special Task Force (Operations and Counter Terrorism) director Comm Mohamad Fuzi Harun said: "We believe he is part of a Sikh militant group called Babbar Khalsa International (BKI).

    "He had been supplying the group with fake travel documents and using our country as a transit point for the group's activities," he said in a statement here.

    Comm Mohamad Fuzi added that Satpal had forged documents for several BKI members who were involved in a series of bombings in India in 2006.

    Police apparently tracked down the suspected militant, who has been in the country since 2006, following the arrest of four BKI members.

    The four included restaurant operator Amarjit Singh Jasvir Singh, music teacher Daljit Singh Ajaib Khalsa and construction contractor Kawal Singh Soundh, who were all arrested on Aug 4, 2011. Another, named Daljeet Singh Tarsem Singh, was detained on May 13.

    Satpal and the four, who have also been deported, are awaiting trial in India.

    "We will continue to work closely with our counterparts in other countries to detect and eliminate such militant elements from within our borders," said Comm Mohamad Fuzi.

    Sikh terror suspect in M'sia deported to India
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