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    PILIBHIT: Raj Khan never imagined that his decision to accept a local UP minister's invitation to judge a dance competition in the state would unravel so badly for him.

    The Mumbai-based actor and CEO of an event management company came to Pilibhit's Khadi Mahotsav at the behest of Samajwadi party MLA from Pilibhit and minister of state for khadi, Haji Riaz Ahmad. He was asked to judge a dance competition between two troupes, each trained by mentors belonging to different communities.

    It would have been a homecoming of sorts for Khan, who has worked in Bollywood movies, since his parents hail from Pilibhit.

    However, the actor says his nightmare began when the organizing committee of the event started pressurizing him to award the contest on the basis of religion and favour the group headed by the mentor who belonged to a minority community, even before competition started. Khan also belongs to the minority community.

    Disregarding the committee's directions, Khan adjudged the other dance troupe as the winner on the basis of merit.

    On November 2, the day Khan was scheduled to fly back to Mumbai, he went to pay a courtesy call on Ahmed at his residence. There, the minister, incensed with Khan for his decision, showered the actor with abuse and threatened him with death.

    Khan claims the minister told him that he should have favoured the troupe from the minority community as he was asked to, especially since the actor himself belonged to that community.

    Rattled by the threat, Khan says he has filed a police complaint against the minister and his aides. However, Ahmed's public relation officer denied that the allegations, saying that minister did not exert any pressure on the actor.

    SP Sonia Singh, to whom the complaint was made, told TOI that the matter probed and take further action would be taken on the basis of a preliminary enquiry.
    UP minister threatens celebrity for not complying with his desire of biased judgement​ - The Times of India

    Sickular: Samajwadi party

    Communal : Haji Riaz Ahmad

    Secular : Raj Khan
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    Wow, ----ing unbelievable. SP, TMC and RJD need to be eradicated from the political scenario. Those regions should have only BSP, JD(U), BJP, Congress and hopefully AAP. All these thug parties need to be sent packing.

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