Show action taken against Ramdev: Court to Delhi Police

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    If good old Ramdev called MPs 'dacoits and murderers' how come it is sedition?

    At best, it could be termed as libel, if indeed it was not true.

    It is obvious that all MPs cannot be dacoits and murderers.

    But then quite a few have cases against them that involve such stuff or so it is said.

    There are many who are nhot educated and so illiterates they are. Degrees or being high pass or drop outs at Class VIII does not make one an educated person.

    Education includes being able to comprehend issue, analyse the same and be coherent.

    Voice power is not being educated.

    I saw an excellent TV debate on NDTV about MPs wanting red beacons on their car as they prestige is being affected and one BSP chap was so vehement that MPs are a special class and they deserve and demand to be deified!

    There were other MPs to include on ex IPS MP (from Jharkhan) and another ex IAS MP who thought all this brouhaha over privileges and red beacons on the car was hardly worth wasting time on and it would do no good for man or dog!
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