Should there be a Bar in College and University student politics?

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    West Bengal Government after the Garden rich incident, where a Police Sub-Inspector special branch was shot in broad day light and infront of press and media in consequence of a college election, has decided to put all college election polls on hold for 6 months. It is evident from the incident that a college which is better seen as a center for learning has become a big forum of learning politics and crime. Which is effecting the results and status of the students and in exchange of becoming a good person they are turning to be goons. Whereas the political leaders are using a college and university union as there practical training centers for the new political offenders and and a forum to show there muscle power. There are no. of incident where we have crossed through these incidents throughout India and is a growing problem now. Not only this is affecting a student's life who are the " Desh ka Bhavishwa" but also carrying immense terrorism in common people. An average man is frightened to admit his son in a college and if anybody has already done it, am sure he gets nightmares daily ( I have felt it in my case).
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