Should NRIs be entitled to postal ballot?

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    Should NRIs be entitled to postal ballot?

    This is an important topic, that will probably be a double edged sword.

    Should Indian citizens living abroad be entitled to exercise their right to vote via mail? Such a proposal has been mooted, and the Honourable Supreme Court has asked the Attorney General to comment on its feasibility.

    If this comes through, millions of Indians, who pay taxes to the Indian Government, and are Indian citizens. will be able to exercise their right to suffrage. They still have that right, however, to exercise that right, they have to travel to India, which often, becomes less than feasible.

    However, there are downsides. How reliable is the postal service? How safe would it be from tampering in transit? What are the chances of fake voting?

    Moreover, Indians living abroad, or with significant family abroad, might compromise the Indian national interests. NRIs living abroad are still the electorate, and if they can be compromised, then that will compromise Indian elections.

    Recently, an MP of the Russian Federation has mulled bringing in restrictions on who may serve in the Russian Government. They want to exclude persons who have monetary, business, or familial interests abroad. They do not want people who can be arm twisted by external factors, to be in any major decision making position in the Russian Government. Now that is a novel way of guarding the sovereignty of a nation. For starters, this is one thing that needs to be implemented in India, with dispatch.

    Coming to NRIs, there are millions of Indians living in the US and EU, and they can be easily motivated to vote for a particular political party, in exchange for sops, thus compromising the natural selection of the Indian Parliamentarians, through an election based on their performance.

    Please share your views on this matter.
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    Add a poll saar.


    :hmm: :okay:

    If any NRI is doctor, scientist, engineer or high level teacher- Then no. They could have contributed in country's progress. But they opted not to do. And decided to settle in developed West. So for betraying motherland as a punishment. NO>

    But if any NRI, not involved in those jobs- such as Indians working MNC's working in US who will be transferred to their country again, students and any NRI who temporarily in abroad, but will return to India, they should be given.
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    No NRI should be given the franchise. It is a right of the people of India who work for this nation and face the impact of their decision of using the franchise directly. The residents of the country can only judge first hand what is good and what is bad going on. Some people living abroad w/o a any idea of ground realities but what is presented by the media, cannot be a good judge, ever. Although, the NRIs no. very few, even a few can do a great damage to this nation with their uninformed decision.

    Many would argue that Indians living here aren't very good in judging the candidates either. But, the Indians have to live with their choice- good or bad, the NRIs can just fly away.

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