Shocking: London Tube bombers guided by contact in Pakistan

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    Remember all of those reports claiming that "homegrown terrorists," and not al Qaeda, were responsible for the July 7, 2005, London Tube suicide attacks? Despite numerous reports showing that al Qaeda was behind the attack (such as the capture and interrogation of senior al Qaeda leader Abd al Hadi al Iraqi, the London attack mastermind who plotted in Pakistan, met two of the suicide bombers, and was captured in Iraq in late 2006), the idea persists that the 7/7 bombings were carried out by homegrown terrorists.

    Now, another shocking piece of evidence has emerged in the 7/7 case: In the months before the suicide attacks, the bombers were guided and encouraged by a telephone contact in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. From The Guardian:

    An unidentified person in Pakistan gave bomb-making advice and encouragement to the four suicide bombers on 7 July while they were plotting the attacks that would kill 52 people, an inquest into the victims' deaths has heard.
    The leader of the bombers, Mohammed Sidique Khan, received a series of calls on a mobile phone used solely to plan the attacks from a number of public call boxes in Rawalpindi, it was revealed.

    The bombers are believed to have been guided by an individual in Rawalpindi because they lacked expertise in making bombs, Detective Sergeant Mark Stuart of the Metropolitan police told the inquest.

    Photographs of the bomb-making factory in Leeds where the group built explosive devices using concentrated hydrogen peroxide and pepper were shown at the inquest, at the Royal Courts of Justice yesterday.

    The first call from Rawalpindi was received by Khan on 23 April 2005, the inquest heard. That call was followed by a series of calls between mid-May and the start of June.

    One call was made on 2 July that year, five days before the explosions, said Stuart.

    More from the BBC:

    Police believe Khan gave the Pakistan contacts the numbers for four phones, used solely in relation to the bombings plot. He never made any calls to Pakistan himself.
    The majority of the phone conversations took place between May and June 2005.

    The inquests were told that the last call to Khan was recorded on the afternoon of 7 July, when the attacks had been "brought to worldwide attention".

    We're shocked that al Qaeda was actually involved, and that the plot emanated from Pakistan. Who would ever have believed that? For these reasons, today's news on the 7/7 suicide attacks wins the coveted Captain Louis Renault Award.

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    It would be more shocking if Pakistan was not involved in any global terrorist incident.
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    And the West tolerates Pakistan!
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    Kissinger mentality takes time to go. Still they are desperate to "balance South Asia" despite knowing that we have out-balanced this equation 15 years ago. If our leaders had some sense, we would have emulated the Chinese on foreign policy vis a vis Taiwan with the (present) conditions that:

    - You recognize Kashmir as India's and acknowledge this on your official maps, you get to trade with us;

    - You call it disputed/Pakistan's/independent: then kiss all the deals goodbye.

    But that would be expecting too much out of an anti-national government.
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    Akhand Bharat
    shocking ..yyyyyyyyyy. Even unborn child in his mother womb knows every terrorist, trained,guided,prepared, manufactured,planned in pakizstan.
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    Like they say, it's news if man bites dog, and not the other way round! Pakistan sponsoring terrorism is like dog biting man, it's not news at all. :love:

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