Shatrughan Sinha attends wedding of Gen Zia's grandson

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    Bollywood veteran Shotgun attends 'family wedding' of Gen Zia's grandson

    The bilateral ties between India and Pakistan may have gone through several ups and downs in the past two-and-a-half decades, but Bollywood veteran Shatrughan Sinha has maintained a rock-steady relationship with the family of General Zia-ul-Haq, the former military ruler of the neighbouring country.

    To make his ties stronger with Gen. Zia's family, Shatrughan flew off to Islamabad to attend the wedding of the Gen. Zia's grandson Osman-ul-Haq on Sunday. He was the special guest at the ceremony on the invitation of Gen. Zia's daughter Zain Zia, who regards him as her elder brother.


    Osman, son of former Pakistan minister Ijaj-ul-Haq, was married to Misha Sadiq at a glittering ceremony in Islamabad. Sinha, who was the centre of attraction on the occasion, said it was a 'family wedding' for him.

    "I have had a long and emotional relationship with Gen Zia's family over the years," he said on phone from Islamabad.

    Shotgun, as he is popularly known, said he had flown to Pakistan to attend the wedding despite his frail health.

    "I have shared a close relationship with Gen Zia's family for long," he said.

    "His daughter Zain is like a sister to me. I had promised her that I would attend the wedding."

    Sinha, who underwent a bypass surgery at the Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai last July, said he had nurtured the relationship with Gen Zia's family for more than 25 years regardless of the ups and downs in the Indo-Pak relationship.

    He said his emotional ties with Gen Zia's family were deep rooted and had nothing to do with the bilateral relations between the two countries.

    The BJP MP from Patna Sahib said he had first come to Pakistan in the 1980s at the invitation of the then President Gen Zia-ul-Haq with whom he hit it off instantly.

    "We got along very well with each other," Sinha said.

    Shotgun attends 'family wedding' of Gen Zia's grandson | Mail Online
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    Shoot him with all the leftists!

    Wait a sec, Zia has done more harm to pakis than India! Zia actually exposed pakis and ilks by pulling out real face of islam out of pakis! ;)

    P.S: His wife is gorgeous no doubt all politicians run to pakistan! However, India has it's share of Russians!

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