Sharad Pawar blames Mumbai Elite for growth of Naxalism

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    NCP chief Sharad Pawar today said there was
    need to end the "discontent" among various
    sections which, he felt, was responsible for
    spread of Maoist violence. "What has happened in Chhattisgarh, in which
    Congress leaders were killed. We condemn it. This
    is not the right path for the progress of the
    nation. A wrong ideology is being presented
    before the youth. "With weapons in hand, there won't be
    betterment of the country. That the poor will
    benefit this way, there is no use saying it," he
    said at the national convention of the Nationalist
    Youth Congress held here. The veteran NCP leader suggested that "economic
    inequality was a reason which had led to
    discontent among tribals and other sections and
    to the growth of Naxalism". "We also cannot ignore how Naxalism spread...
    On the one hand we see that in cities like Delhi
    and Mumbai there are people who can spend
    crores in a few hours. And on the other hand the
    tribal child living in jungles is not sure of two
    square meals a day. "Someday or the other, he may take a different
    route, there is need to understand this. It is not
    only a law and order problem." Pawar said that till the tribals and all other
    sections don't feel stakeholders in the
    development of the country, Naxalism will continue to use them. He advocated
    developing infrastructure like roads, hospitals
    and education in all areas. Strengthening the country and maintaining its
    integrity are big challenges, Pawar said. He said that during the British rule, it was the
    youth who fought for Independence. He said
    that it was now for the present generation youth
    to fight for change so that the real freedom is
    attained. While there has been progress in certain sectors,
    there was a need to realise the vision behind the
    independence movement and through youth
    power the NCP would move in that direction. Pawar also said that certain communal forces
    were trying to create an atmosphere of
    disharmony for political benefit. He said that the NCP would work to counter such
    forces. Speaking further, he said the NCP as a party was
    younger than other parties and had more
    youngsters who were its part.

    Sharad Pawar blames Delhi, Mumbai elite for growth of Naxalism - Indian Express Mobile
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    Sensationalist headline.

    OTOH Sharad Pawar no saint when it comes to scheming and making money
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    Only one line comes to mind "jootey maaro saalon ko" :p
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    Sharad Pawar is right while his daughter can spend crores in her birthday and he can attend parties of anti indian and anti hindus there are tribals who are struggling to get even 2 litres of water every day. However, it is true that it is elites who are responsible for naxals because

    1. they shed tears on naxals and justify raising of arms

    2. themselves lead the forces of naxalism as it is known that most of naxal movements are spearheaded by our elites and not by tribals as the dull hindus think

    3. the nationalist and patriotic elites do hair splitting on arms and night vision equipments, sensers , strategy etc. without facing the real culprit. They think as of now, naxals are invincible and even if central leaders support them they can be wiped out by our army. Unsurprisingly, they fail to understand the failure of army( not failure of army per se) in north east and continue to chant " better counter strategy, better equipments" etc.

    Sharad Pawar is beneficiary at hands of such elites.
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    If Sharad Pawar's alleged wealth is redistributed a crore Tribals will become Lakhpatis or a lakh of tribals will become crorepatis.
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    The person who came up with this headline is an idiot.

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