: Shahnawaz Hussain on Communal Politics

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    Congress started communal politics, BJP doesn’t divide on those lines: Shahnawaz Hussain

    Syed Shahnawaz Hussain is a BJP leader and head of the party's minority morcha. Speaking with Mahua Mukherjee, Hussain discussed his views on communal politics, the BJP's hopes of allies with Narendra Modi as PM candidate - and whether Muslims must wear skullcaps to BJP rallies:

    How does the BJP view minorities and their rights?

    Ever since Independence, minorities were viewed as a vote bank only. When the Congress came to power, many Muslims tagged on to them - the Congress never solved their problems but created a fear psychosis in their minds. I would say communal politics was started by the Congress. However, Muslims no longer want appeasement. They want equal opportunities for themselves . There are regional leaders like Lalu Prasad, Mulayam Singh and Nitish Kumar who have not been able to do much but every now and then, they wear a traditional cap and cap their votes - this is not acceptable.
    The BJP wants to provide quality education, equal job opportunities , bring minorities into the mainstream. But isn't it true that Muslims coming to BJP rallies have been asked to wear skullcaps and burqas, to look more 'Muslim' ?

    The Congress has a peculiar mindset, that whoever votes for them is a Muslim and those with the BJP are just showpieces. As a spokesperson of the BJP, i can assure you that we never want our followers to prove which community they belong to because we firmly believe the country is above community and individual.
    Every individual who comes to us is an Indian who believes in our ideology. We welcome them with open arms. We don't divide our followers on communal lines.

    What is your response to those asking why Narendra Modi didn't do more to protect Muslims during Gujarat's 2002 riots?

    Very strange! No one ever asked Pandit Nehru why he was unable to contain the riots that followed Partition. Indira Gandhi was never asked to explain her failure in containing Moradabad and other riots. Why was Rajiv Gandhi unable to stop anti-Sikh riots? Will Mulayam Singh or Akhilesh be asked to explain why they failed in Muzaffarnagar ? Why single out Modi?

    Even the best of governments have not been able to contain mobs. Modi has been getting brickbats for Godhra - but please give him a bouquet or two for the next decade when there's been no communal clash in Gujarat.

    There were numerous riots during Congress rule, yet they are 'secular' - but one single riot during BJP rule and the BJP is communal! The BJP is blamed for everything - if we're in the opposition, then we fan communal passion. If we're ruling, then it's state-sponsored . Please give us a break.

    Hasn't Narendra Modi as your PM candidate made it harder for the BJP to get allies?

    Which allies have left after Modi? Nitish Kumar had some vested interest. He's definitely better than Lalu or Rabri but not the best. People come together with the strong party and now onwards, the BJP's definitely in a better position. I can assure you that as time comes, we will get more allies.

    The BJP's been accused of manipulating facts about the NDA's economic record - your response?

    The present situation of the economy says it all. I have great regard for P Chidambaram. He is a great scholar and a magnificent orator. He uses words which even put the Oxford dictionary to shame - but will this change the scenario?

    We don't need to say anything - it is for the people to see.

    Congress started communal politics, BJP doesn’t divide on those lines: Shahnawaz Hussain - The Economic Times
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    I hope Muslims and other minorities will vote for BJP and Narendra Modi this time - Congress has had many decades to do `garibi hatao` and providing basics like toilets for the ordinary citizen. Almost 7 decades after 1947 India remains the worst with respect to sanitation with most number people defecating in the open. Time to try another alternative to the GOP of India.
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    Nice interview.

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