Shafi Muhammad Burfat's Letter to International Community

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    Shafi Muhammad Burfat, Chairman Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz Appeals to the Secretary General United Nations Organization, Ban Ki moon And The UN Humanitarian aid representative, Mr. Deniss.

    JSMM Chairman Shafi Muhammad Burfat

    In the light of the principles, objectives, and charters of the united nations concerning fundamental human rights, hereby, being a responsible political person of Sindhi nation, I would like to inform you of some essential and fundamental facts regarding the current flood disaster and the attitude of the corrupt and downright theocratic Pakistani state towards my nation.

    After the excavation of Moen-Jo-Daro,(the Indus valley civilization) it has become known to the world that Sindhians laid down the foundation of civilization, the first city state in the world, and an organized civil society, which promoted our philosophy of humanism; with such inherent and universal ethical values of eternal nature that it is still guiding principles of our national life signifying our sufi bent of mind, tolerance, flexible nature, and universal brotherhood. With such nature of our social thought, we brought an end to the religious fundamentalism and extremism and implemented our humanitarian philosophy as the guiding principles and values of mankind. We existed as an independent nation with a magnanimous history of a great civilization which has a record of thousands of years. We enjoyed a distinguished national identity known to the entire world on the basis of a vibrant economy, civilizational advancement, and glorious traditions, culture, language, trade with the world.

    As for trade, we exported our finest malmal cloth to the Egyptian civilization (also used as coffin cloth for mummies in Egypt) Sumerian civilization, Kabul, Africa, and central Asia; while as for our literary greatness our great national poets are still alive to the world in guiding it to the path of truth. They gave a message of kindness and evolution of the homogeneous global civilization.

    ‘O Lord, shower thy bounties on Sindh!

    O Sustainer, O Friend, let the entire world boom in prosperity!’


    It is because of such an organized and lasting influence of our great poets and philosophers on our political philosophy, political policies, and practice that we have been nurturing and preaching our message that along with Sindh the rest of the world should continue to prosper and evolve, whether it be America, Britain, Europe, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, Israel, the Arab world, central Asia, or India, we wish and strive for peace and prosperity in the world and reject the rule of terror in the world; we reject the despotic rule of theocratic and militaristic regimes of roguish nature like Pakistan in the world and condemn their faucet, distorted and misleading religious interpretation and extremist thought. We also condemn their outright satanic and dualist approach at the historic process of the global evolution of civilization.

    We are such a nation which has never done injustice to any of the nations in the world. We have never attacked any of the neighboring states. However, it is deeply agonizing that through fraud and cunning, Charles Napier of the 19th century imperialist Britain occupied this land of love and peace.

    However, in 1947, the most obsolete, heinous, barbaric, brutal, cunning and deceitful two-nation theory ( fascist ideology of Jinnah and Mollana Moududi which believes that muslims are a nation) chained our nation in the notorious and artificial boundaries of Pakistan under the fundamentalist state, ruled by the extremist imperialist Punjab. This is how we have been transformed from the one slavery to the new and more barbaric chaines. Ever since then, the two-nation theory has proved to be mother of the draconian talibanization and Al-Qaida. Ever since then, we have been living under economic, political, social, and cultural subjugation of Punjab. The national boundaries of our motherland have been seized from us. We have been totally deprived of our national and political policies and we are absolutely powerless in the matters of our democratic and political national will. This fascist Pakistani state and its terrorist and fundamentalist ISI have been poisoning our social and political life. The internationally notorious ISI is a fascist organization that has been responsible to no institution or constitution of the state and has been guilty of extra judicial political killings of Sindhi and Baloch nationalist workers and political activists. The record breaking crimes of forced disappearances of sindhi and balouch nationalists is an other side of heinous crimes against humanity on the part of ISI. It has penetrated into each and every institution of our nation such as schools, colleges, universities, skill centers, social welfare organizations, and NGOs and forces and dictates them according to its vicious policies of exploitation and corruption. The ISI has been preaching militant Islam in the world and spreading terrorist network in the very womb of the world. The rest of the world knows full well that ISI has been providing to the Taliban the entire logistic support. It must be noted that ISI has been using the notorious and extremist Lashkar-a-Tayaba as its political instrument here in the region and the world. While ISI has created the most horrible and morbid psychological fear and terror in the institutions of Sindh on the one hand, while on the other, it has left them corrupt, stagnant, and inefficient in the matters of administration and public dealing. This has resulted in the worst humanitarian crisis owing to which the nation has been thirsty, hungry, naked and diseased. One of the flood stricken women visited by our workers whispered to her infant. ‘ this state is as empty of shame and pity as my breasts from milk… keep on crying oh my beloved baby as I am absolutely helpless to feed you.’

    Our existence as a nation is at the very brink of extinction because of such an involvement in and hijacking of the institutions. Taking a serious notice of such horrible and barbaric enchainment of Sindhi nation, Saien G.M Sayyad expounded the philosophy of freedom of sindhu desh, the motherland of the Sindhi nation, and the ideology of the universal evolution and progress of man in the world and beyond. Let me tell you that our party, Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz has been struggling on the Sayyad’s poltical theory of universal ideology. Saien G.M Sayyad demanded independence of Sindh from the unnatural fascist state of Pakistan in 1971 when the cruel Punjabi army began a holocaust in the East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) killing more than three million people. The Punjabi army broke the world record of mass rape leaving half a million Bangali women pregnant. Punjab has occupied us and has been exploiting at the devastating rate our national natural resources such as oil, gas, coal, ocean, agricultural resources. It has monopolized jobs in Sindh and it has been the accomplice with the obsolete feudal class which has been traitors and has nothing to do with the idea of preserving our national resources and safeguarding our national interests. The feudal class of Sindh has not only usually been maintaining their callous and malignant silence but it has also been direct accomplices with Punjab to assist it in our wholesale exploitation just for their demoniac thirst for power. The feudal class keeps on wreaking havoc with the national interests of Sindh which has been doubling and redoubling the natural and artificially-brought-about disasters. For continuous 63 years Pakistan alias Punjabi establishment and its draconian ways towards Sindh have themselves proved to be a plague for our nation.

    Striving for their obsolete vested interests and feeless power, the waderas and the landlords of Sindh have proved to be the staunch and lasting allies of the exploiting imperialist Punjab and they have been giving a callous and cold shoulder to the national rights, duties and interests of Sindh. I am sure you might have observed while visiting the situation here in Sindh that the waderas and landlords in their inhuman pursuit of preserving their crops worth a few shillings while the rouge Punjabi army and ISI with the mad pursuit of safeguarding the Pano Aaqil cantonment of Punjabi army, have broken the western protective embankments of the canals and the river Indus in Sindh which has culminated in a worst humanitarian crisis plaguing millions of our people. Their property has been buried, their villages raised and destroyed, and their communication cut-off while they have been left in the lurch by the state so as to beg for international funding and donation only meant to be swallowed by the state and its accomplice.

    There seems to be, as it is crystal clear, this barbaric state and its draconian allies here in the state have left no way of survival to the people of Sindh. The waderas have left no cruelty unpracticed against the people of Sindh.

    However, let me tell you that the Pano Aaqil cantonment in Sindh is Asia’s largest cantonment area of a foreign rule functioning as the instrument of terror against the neighboring countries and exercising a simultaneous rougery against nationalist movements in Sindh and Balouchistan, .

    Dear sir, as you know that we are absolutely helpless and powerless in this state and our national institutions are determined by the bonapatist Punjabi mentality, we are in no position to have access to the real tragic drama of the disaster, therefore, hereby, you are appealed to observe the situation very closely and take a bird’s eye view of the matter. As you are present in the hub of the crisis, you could make the true estimate of the rate of destruction and crisis which has been unleashed by nature and the state machinery as you have been visiting the sites with your own eyes. You have been in touch with the state controlled electronic and print media and you could see how they undermine and notoriously underestimate the rate of destruction which has occurred in Sindh! How callously they segregate the Sindhi nation! How they give the wrong and false facts and figures of the destruction amidst your kind and caring presence! And how they notoriously exaggerate the situation in Punjab and, Pakhtoonkhawa!

    In such a deed of shame the state and its feudal allies are the culprits of the same and equal proportions. The waderas present a wrong picture of the situation in order to mislead the Sindhi nation for the reason that they will have to come to the Sindhi nation for begging for votes and if they (Waderas) do not conceal the truth, the people of Sindh will not vote them. The state tells crimson lies only to beg international donation so as to swallow a lion’s share of the donation in some or other way. They are busy trying their best to conceal their maladministration, flippancy, and shameless corruption through a distorted and misleading propaganda which also focuses on diverting the eyes of the world from Sindh to Punjab and Pakhtoonkhawa. This is also meant to save themselves from condemnation by the world.

    Amidst such an agonizing situation, the Sindhi nationalists and national representatives, hereby, appeal the world, the UNO, USA, European union, the world bank, the donar agencies, human rights organizations, united states of America, the united states human rights commission, Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Israel, India, Russia, Japan, Australia, Singapore, and all the rest humanist writers, poets, intellectuals, lawyers, and International court of justice are also appealed through this letter to take the real notice of the situation at this heart rending hour that has rocked this already bleeding nation out of the Punjabi barbarism. I appeal the above mentioned humanist nations and the kind and generous donar agencies to help and aid the Sindhi nation through their personal administrative machinery because in this state (Pakistan) the armed forces and the notorious ISI will leave no way untried in hampering, swallowing up or hijacking the flow of the international aid to the people of Sindh. There is no doubt that the indirect international aid desired to be disberssed in Sindh through the state administration is surely to go direct in the accounts of the criminal state machinery of the Punjabi nation. We are ready to volunteer ourselves in guiding you for the true and real flow of your selfless welfare and generous aid to the Sindhi nation. I must also remind you that in the near past Sindh came under the surge of oceanic storms but the same state, noted for its global notoriety, left the people of Sindh unhelped and unaided and swallowed up the international aid through its vampire channels.

    That is why, this time, too, they will leave the Sindhi people unaided and leave them uncared on the crossroads of life and death.

    Our nation’s health and infrastructure has been completely destroyed. We have already been victim to the cruel exploitation, looting, and barbarity of the Punjabi nation. Our natural resources have been depleted by them at an incalculably high rate.

    That is why, here, we make it clear to the entire world that we are already a looted and devastated nation and this state has been dumping in Sindh millions of extremist Punjabis, Swatis and Pakhtoons who keep on killing our people in Karachi on the vicious guidelines and logistic support of ISI. This rougish of the rouge state has locked the Urdu speaking Sindhis in Karachi in an inflicted warfare with the Taliban-sponsored Bonapartist ANP and the Punjabi extremists. These ISI supported refugees of an inherent extremist social and cultural order of the foreign lands happen to be in millions here in Sindh.

    On the one hand, they are an overwhelming burden on our national economy, on the other, they are supported by ISI to capture and control the coastal belt of Sindh through complete extermination of the Urdu speaking Sindhians. They are also trying hard to transform our secular, tolerant, humanist and sufi social and traditional structure into talibanization. All apart from this, they keep on distorting the balance of our demographic homogeneity at an unbearably high rate while they are continuously trying hard to transform us in a minority within our own national geography. That is apparently an attempt of genocide of our nation. An other aspect of the tragedy should also be noted which is given bellow. A highly engineered cunning project against Sindh by the fascist Punjab may well be noted that it had closed down the gates of all its flood canals before the very beginning of the disaster and unleashed the hell of super flood toward Sindh; a willful criminal aspect of the imperialist Punjab quite unforgetable.

    As a matter of fact behind such a heinous crime the fact is that Punjab wanted to create an opinion in the world that there is an uncontrollably abnormal volume of water available in Pakistan which has been wreaking havoc; and to control the situation it should construct dams in Punjab which are actually meant to swallow our water. It has tried its level best to justify the construction of the most horrendous and the most controversial and notorious Kala Bagh dam as it has been its most vicious desire to do that. The prime minister of Pakistan Gilani who is actually the representative of the ISI governed Punjabi imperialism has already said in his statement in the media that to control the floods the dams should be constructed in Punjab. This is actually an act of sprinkling salt in the wounds of Sindh.

    Dear sir, i being the chairman of Jeay Sindh Mutahida Mahaz and a responsible representative of the Sindhi nation and of the nationalist movement, hereby, appeal you to take an immediate notice of our woes and forward our voice to the international humanist institutions the united nations, the democratic nations of the world i.e united states of America, Britain, Germany, India, Russia, Israel, Australia and the conscience of the world so as to help us out by the real and proper humanitarian aid at the gross roots level at this critical moment of natural plus Punjab engineered disasters in of our national life and take a serious notice of the most heinous violation of the human rights of Sindhians in the artificial and barbaric boundaries of this state.

    I must once again include here that we are a nation which believes in civilized democratic values, humanism, and secularism. We once again appeal to the entire world to save us from a highly possible extermination of our national life from the destruction of the flood disaster, Punjabi imperialism, and extremist Islamic terrorism of Taliban and its wild spread in our geography through ISI.





    [email protected]

    Dated: August 14, 2010.




    Dear Mr. Ban ki-moon Secretary General United Nations

    Dear Mr. Barack Obama President United States of America

    Dear Mr. Manmohan Singh Prime Minister India

    Dear Mr. President European Council The Arab World, Israel, Russia, and the Central Asia.

    JSMM Chairman Shafi Muhammad Burfat

    We had appealed all of you through a detailed letter, dated 14-08-2010, pertaining to the current super flood disaster in Sindh, in which we have given the reason how viciously the fundamentalist Punjabi army and its terrorist ISI have schemed and materialized a horrible disaster in Sindh by breaching the western dykes of the river Indus which have resulted in drowning, wiping out, and destroying half of Sindh. According to the Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz data collection wing, at least some 15 million people have directly been affected in the disaster with a serious loss of worth Rs. 831 billion here in Sindh.

    The reason behind such a heinous crime against humanity is that the imperialist Punjab in accomplice with its fascist army and the international scoundrel ISI wanted to preserve their exploitary machinery in Sindh such as;

    (a) They avoided draining off the super flood from its natural route of Ali Wahan because it would destroy the Pano Aaqil cantonment situated in the way there.

    (b)preservation of highways and railways by the left bank serving as the largest transportation rout to Punjab for the reason to continue the draconian exploitation of our natural resources (oil and gas), industries.

    We have been informed of another reason behind all that, that the Punjabi army has hidden its nuclear and chemical weapons in the Achhro Thar and a possible breach along the left side would have possibly resulted in engulfing the arsenal site situated in the desert.

    Such have been the reasons behind all this havoc unleashed by the fascist Punjab which have brought almost half of Sindh at the verge of death and pestilence.

    All apart from this, we also informed you of the corrupt, flippant, draconian, and ignorant state machinery had been trying and would continue to try to portray a wrong picture of the facts and figures in order to show that the Punjab and Pakhtoons had suffered more than Sindh, so as to swallow up the lion’s share from the international humanitarian aid expected at that time to be sent to the state.

    We once again draw your kind attention to the matter in order to monitor and investigate the situation through your own able administration to check the hitherto unchecked horrendous and wanton violation of human rights in Sindh at the hands of the vampire theocratic state. This all goes on and on just because we are, essentially and thoroughly, a secular nation with normal social psyche of tolerance and humanism.

    Because we do not believe in the rascal drama of the two-nation theory followed by the fascist Punjab and Pakhtoons.

    That is why, they have dropped the flood bomb on our nation and it has left our people in a social, economic and psychological alienation. Our society is moving on the path of anarchy, utter disappointment, and hopelessness.

    Amidst such a situation, the fascist theocratic state is trying to give our people the poison of Islamic radicalism in order to wash down their healthy social behavior.

    We have closely observed that, the Punjab has been trying to distort the very complexion of our people’s social thought and temperament at this critical moment in the history of our nation. We appeal to the civilized nations of the world to take a serious notice of such a loathsome deed of talibanisation on the part of the state.

    It is a pity that our people have received not a single penny from the state despite having received huge humanitarian aid from the nations of the world and global aid and monitory organizations.

    The puppet chief minister of Sindh said in a news statement on 13th of September that despite such a heart rending situation here in Sindh, we have received not a single rupee from the central government.

    You could well guess from all this that how Sindh has been subjected to the vicious schemes of Punjab, while Sindh submits in the center the 75 percent of the total revenue collection of the state.

    Very recently, the chief minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif, has expressed his gratitude to Saudi Arabia for granting direct aid to the province of Punjab!

    On the one hand, it is the overwhelming authority and power of the province of Punjab that it is receiving direct aid from the countries of the world without seeking permission from the federal government of Pakistan, on the other hand is Sindh which can receive not a single rupee from Pakistan because Sindh happens to be an ultimately subordinate nation here in this un-natural state and we do not really match with their extremist and Islamist psyche because of our social norms such as democratic, humanist, secular, nature of thought.

    Punjabis and Pakhtoons fall into an essentially fundamentalist and extremist lot while Sindhis believe in humanism, fraternity, and mutual brotherhood. That is why, the fundamentalist Punjabi army and its most darling, the extremist ISI, try to keep us away from the international humanitarian aid organizations and the international community.

    The state also keeps a vice grip on the media here and has made it a puppet which dances about at the instructions of the ISI. It gives us no coverage to our voice.

    Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz established camps in Sukkar, Khairpur, Noshehro Feroz, Moro, Sehwan, Dadu, Larkana, Jamshoro, Thata, Badin, Gharo, Tando Muhammad khan, and Karachi respectively, to provide the affectees the immediate aid such as free food, water, and medical facilities and medicine, but many of our humanitarian aid and relief camps have been rooted out by the fascist Punjabi army, the ISI, and the puppet police here in Sindh.

    However, in Karachi, the Memon, Kachhi, Aghakhani, Ahmadi, Silawat, Marwari, Kathyawari, Okhai, Chhipa communities of Sindhi nation respectively, have helped the people openheartedly, while the Selani Trust has made a great contribution in providing free food to the affectees. Dr Adeeb Rizwi and his Christly SIUT, have rendered great service in medicine.

    However, it is really disappointing and hurting that the MQM played a role of an opportunist towards the flood affected people of Sindh.

    But as for as the situation is concerned here in Sindh, there is much still needed to be done for the restoration of normal life here in Sindh as the people of Sindh need houses, jobs, health facilities, economic and psychological rehabilitation which naturally requires Rs.10 million/family. We appeal to the international community to take immediate efforts in this regard to save the people of Sindh from a possible talibanisation as the state is taking hectic efforts to talibanise the flood affectees of Sindh.

    It may well be noted that if the secular nation of Sindh would be left unhelped, we are afraid, the people of Indus valley civilization, the founding father of civilization, are likely to fall pray to the draconian Jihadis and religious extremists. For the restoration of our people, hereby, we appeal to the international community to help and aid at this critical and clandestine moment that has rocked our nation.





    Email: [email protected]

    Dated: Sep/14/2010

    Respected international community,

    I have been writing to you when ever I have felt the ultimate necessity to express my good will to the world peace and to communicate with you for your positive response regarding our concerns at the multiplying terrorist activities of the ISI and its Islamist networks wreaking havoc against humanity in Sindh.

    The theocratic and downright fascist state of Pakistan, based upon the maniac ideological foundation of the stagnant mullacratic two-nation theory, had begun to work in accomplice with ISI against the united states of America and NATO at the very time when the later had been busy making their mind to war against the Taliban regime of mullah Omar and its lasting ally, the al-Qaeda. The western spirit had been at great unease as the draconian mullah had refused to comply with United States of America to hand over the spiritual and ideological mastermind of the heinous events of 9/11, Osama bin laden to Washington.

    As a matter of fact, the Taliban were planned, designed, nurtured, matured, trained, and brought into existence and sponsored as a regime of terror and global fascism by ISI.

    ISI is that ghost institution of Pakistani state of terror and fascism which is downright drenched with the mullahcracy and fascist two nation theory and there is no denying the fact that ISI, the mother of terror, has borne from its demoniac womb the Godzilla of al-Qaeda which has been wreaking havoc everywhere in the world and poses an immanent nuclear threat to the entire world. Today, the western world is in the vice grip of a constant fear and horror and has been breathing under the heinous possibilities of a devastating nuclear attack.

    Based upon the notorious, unnatural and utopian ideology of Muslims-as-a-separate-nation, the ISI has been that unnatural, malignant and covert channel of the fascist state through which it has put fetters on the nations ( Sindh and Baluchistan ) falling into the vicious circle of its barbarically artificial boundaries. History bears us witness that this fascist state crossed all the limits of crime and torture in Bengal and carried on in Bengal a brutal mass bloodshed and mass rape.

    In the recent history, it has subjected Sindh and Baluchistan to heart rending genocide, economic exploitation, and social injustice which has resulted in the shooting rise in poverty and has disturbed the normal social psychology.

    However, as for as the situation in the region is concerned, it has been trying to frustrate the neighboring countries such as, India and Afghanistan, and, as for as peace and normalization in the neighboring countries is concerned, it has been inflicting upon them continuous complexities of pangs.

    It has been terrorizing the democratic states of the world through its fascist instrument of suicide attacks and has been training and sponsoring all sorts of fundamentalist organizations which have been wreaking havoc everywhere under different names but with the same evil agenda of global terror. It has been such an internationally immoral state which has been selling nuclear technology to the rogue states like hot cakes. It has been a state quite irresponsible to the international community since its very birth. It has been a state which has proven itself a matchless evil and malice to its neighboring countries. It has been a state which has dumped the world into an abysmal and unending nuclear race and strife which has brought the world at the verge of a possible world war iii. It has been a state which has never been normal to its neighboring countries. Rather, it has been adding fuel to the fire everywhere in the world. It has been a state which has felt no shame on draconian economic exploitation, Yazidian use of blind force, torture, terror, and injustice to Sindh and Baluchistan falling into the vicious circle of its notorious boundaries. It has thrown Sindh and Baluchistan in the jaws of grinding poverty and helplessness.

    The sole reason behind all such whitish of the white crimes against humanity has been its long cherished dream of establishing a pan Islamic imperialism in the world in accomplice with the Arab monarchies and so-called socialist states in the world.

    One wonders how such a dualist and terrorist state can be a natural ally of the world in its war against terrorism! It can never, indeed. That is why, on the one hand, the fascist ISI and the bloody army of Punjab have been blackmailing the western world through the instrument of terror alarm, only meant at extorting huge chunks of monetary aid and assistance from the bleeding world, on the other hand, the state pursues its most cherished agenda of training and instigating the extremist Taliban and other extremist organizations to wreak havoc against united states of America, NATO, the democratic states of Europe, India, and Afghanistan.

    That is why, the ISI in accomplice with its retired officers, and Pakistani army, sponsored terrorist attacks in Mumbai, where the Islamist extremists had begun a horrible blood bath. The vampire state machinery has designed such a bloody force of evil which has been blood thirsty and just can not live without bloodshed. They have been taught that in the paradise they would be granted in reward the bounty of hoors (70 young beautiful girls ), the gilmaan (young boys), grapes, cold drinks, honey, milk and many other things of lust and luxury in return of such heinous crimes against humanity!

    ISI, the trainer and sustainer of such forces of evil, has been exercising war crimes in the rest of the world through such demoniac extremists. The theocratic state today has emerged as the most criminal state of the world ensnaring the entire world into a complex web of bloodletting and horrible terror. And all that has been its most cherished agenda to emerge as a horrible polar in the world at the cost of chaos and mayhem in the world. The grimace of the world does not appeal it. However, the wounds of the world are now growing into multiple gangrenes yet it does not stop its maniac pursuit of pan Islamism and seems to leave no extreme uncrossed for its draconian interests.

    It is strange that the worst enemies of yesterday have entered into a staunch alliance to stand against the western world. The mullah, the socialist, and the communist speak the same language against the western world- the west, especially united states of America, that strive for a healthier democratic order in the world, comprising freedom of the chained nations, restoration and preservation of human rights, mutual understanding among human beings, and fraternity in this uneasy world-an idea which happens to be the last hope to the humiliated, oppressed, and the chained third world nations.

    Recently, ISI has sponsored terrorist attacks on NATO’s supply convoy in Shikarpur, Sindh, with the help of its most beloved and spiritual progeny, the Taliban.

    It is now crystal clear that ISI now treads upon the path of an open clash with NATO, and American interests. It should be noted that it has made selection of Sindh for such attacks for apparently two basic reasons.

    The first reason for that is that the nationalist organizations of Sindh have begun to resist against the fascist state for the freedom of Sindh and have been working in a highly organized way against the state. However, the organizations have also excelled in submitting the Sindh case with the international community. This has attracted a staunch support to the struggling organizations here in Sindh. The Sindhi nation has given a considerably better response, support, and sympathies to the resistive nationalist organizations who have been working with Great Spirit and seriousness. The organizations have been preaching Sufism, secularism, humanism, and anti-extremist social thought in Sindh. The Sindh nation has been the finest and an exemplary nation who have an unshakable belief in secularism, and universal brotherhood. They have never given their ears to the hosts of extremist Tableeg Jamat supported and sent by Punjab to preach religious extremism here in Sindh. For 63 years they have been coming here in Sindh to distort the sufist social fiber of Sindh but have never been successful.

    Apparently, the ISI has embarked upon countering the resistant nationalist organizations in Sindh and, for such reasons; it has sponsored Taliban extremism here in Sindh, to counter the resisting nationalist organizations and the NATO’s supply convoys. It is now trying to forcibly talibanize our secular nation who have been toiling against extremism, mullahcracy, and Pakistan, the mother of flies and global pestilence. The second reason behind all this bloody terrorism is that Sindhi nation maintains an in-depth historic secular social order and highly cultivated sense of universal brotherhood quite opposed to the religious extremism. ISI has done all that with a purpose to paint a wrong picture of Sindh in order to make the western world believe that Sindhis are an extremist nation. It is a vicious intention of the fascist, imperialist, and vampire theocratic state of Pakistan to make the world believe that Sindh also happens to be a heartland of talibaized people. The notorious and tahreek Taliban has also attacked on the shrine of Abdullah Shah Gazi here in Karachi, Sindh, killing innocent women and children. The intentions of forcible talibanization on the part of ISI must be noted.

    Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz has taken a serious notice of such fascism and terror dropped upon NATO convoys, killing of the innocent people, and projection of religious fascism. Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz staged Sindh-wide demonstrations against all that. The vice chairman of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz, Mr. Sirai Qurban Khawar, and general secretary of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz, Mr. Muzaffar Bhutto, made a joint press conference here in Hyderabad against the attacks on NATO convoy in Shikarpur and condemned Tahreekay Taliban’s inhuman and blood thirsty ways towards the international community and the secular Sindhi nation.

    They said in their joint conference that the Sindhi nation will continue to support and stand with the international community in the war on terror. ‘We will stand with America, NATO, European union, Afghanistan, and India in the war on terror, while’ They added, ‘Punjab, ISI, and Pakistan army are the blackmailer, fraudulent, and they bolster and sponsor extremists against the international community.’

    However, the international community knows full well that the 9/11 attacks had also been accomplished by the same forces of evil in accomplice with ISI in which some 5000 innocent people lost their lives and a fierce wave of fear and horror swept through out the western world brought about unprecedented security concerns and the western society is still suffering from morbid psychological disturbance emanating from the heinous attacks.

    Pakistan is such an immoral and shameless theocratic state of the world which had killed 3000000 people in Bengal. The shameless and inhuman Punjabi army which never tires from hateful criticism upon Hindus, Jews, and Christians, has forgotten the fact that they are the same vampires who had begun a mass rape in Bengal which had left 500000 young girls pregnant and all the girls victimized were Muslim. This all has been an inerasable scar on the face of humanity quite matchless in the degree of torture, mass murder, and humiliation of a Muslim nation. Shame on such an army who still consider themselves to be humans!

    This rogue state has vicious intentions of exterminating the Sindhi and the Balouch nations so as to swallow up their natural resources and to stretch its Punjabi population to the Arabic ocean. That is why it has dumped in Sindh and Baluchistan the extremist forces of darkness that have begun to kill people like insects. If such a downright fundamentalist and islamist state also possesses the nuclear bomb which it lovingly calls the Islamic bomb (it proved to be so when it proliferated the technology and the material to Iran) will south Asia, central Asia, Europe, USA, and Israel be safe from the nuclear terror! Not really… they will never.

    Let us, for instance, have a close look at the extremist state and its institutions. The chief justice of the theocratic supreme court of Pakistan keeps on saying that Islam (Bin Ladenist two-nation theory) is the state religion and his court will repeal any bill passed by the parliament demanding abolition of the state religion (theocracy). The constitution of the state is of theocratic origin and the parliament, too, is theocratic in one or other way and treads upon the guidelines of a fascist judiciary, a fascist Pakistani national security, and a fascist intelligence agency, the ISI, and an extremist Punjabi army. All the rest institutions of Pakistan carry the venom of Ladenist two-nation theory and it is such a vampire state which has been the mother of religious extremism, haunting every nook and corner of the world.

    It could well be concluded now that what kind of state this has been and still is. The state openly says that it will never give up the theocratic rule. Naturally this means that the WMDS which state possesses are much likely to slip into the hands of extremists. Indeed, this state along with its missiles and nuclear and chemical weapons is hanging over the humanity like Damocles’ sword.

    I have been appealing the international community again and again that the nuclear weapons of the fundamentalist state pose a simultaneous threat to the existence of Sindhi nation, Baluchistan, and the western world as well. I have been appealing to the world to disarm and dismantle this godzillian state as it has been trampling humanity under its feet.

    According to the reports of the intelligence agency of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz, the fascist state has buried a huge nuclear arsenal in the mountain ranges of Qambar-Shahdadkot district of Sindh, on the Baluchistan side by Mazarani Gas field and also in the mountain ranges of Thano Boola Khan Territory of district Jamshoro, Sindh. We have been highly concerned at all this and have already appealed to the international community in the context of the matter so as to take a serious notice of such a heinous transportation of nuclear weapons in our national geography.

    We also express our deep concerns at the vulnerability of the world to the WMDS of the state.

    We are afraid that if the arsenal is not ceased from the theocratic state there is no denying the fact, the weapons may fall into the evil hands of the extremists at any time in near future.

    Today if we look at Latin America, Middle East, central Asia, and south Asia, we come to know that the entire world seems to be at great political unrest. Europe strives for the political harmony in the above mentioned territories of the world required for the investment and markets, while, united states of America has abandoned its old policies to the third world pursued during the cold war era and has been reconsidering and reviving its policies to the third work very quickly. It has embarked upon the ever great democratization of the world through its liberal new world order which believes in creation of the nation states in the third world. This all seems to be a kind of great compensation on the part of United States of America to the chained and bereaved nations of the third world still being ground under the brutal stone of theocratic fascism and militaristic Bonapartism.

    It is really an appreciable effort on the part of United States of America that in the near past it has toppled military dictatorship of Charles Taylor in Liberia, maniac Sadam Husain in Iraq, and ignorant mullah Omar in Afghanistan so as to free the nations of the said countries from the clutches of rogue regimes of terror and fascism. On the one hand, the nations of the Middle East are looking for the possibilities of getting rid from the absolutist and maniac monarchs, on the other, the Palestine and Israel have begun to prefer table to the trotting guns for resolving their contradictions- this appears to be a change in the global political process which has begun to believe in talks rather than in chaos. However, the mineral rich central Asia has drawn immense political attention of the world, while, at the same time, situation in Afghanistan has been of distinct nature as the country encounters the chaotic and ignorant Taliban soon after getting rid from the godzillian Al-Qaeda. Feeling the challenges of the age to true proportions, china and India have begun to compete on the road of economy. Though the situation in Africa is pretty disappointing as the civil wars still rule there, yet there is a hope that normalization would soon come. There is a hope and expectation that the world will at last come out from the void of extremism, and begin to live as a world of harmonized internationalism, fraternity, democracy, mutual understanding, mutual respect, universal justice, equality, and freedom from fascism – united states of America, and European union have made great shifts in their policies towards the world affairs which has proven to be a compensation to the chained and humiliated third world nations.

    As for as Pakistan is concerned, hitherto, it has been the representative of the islamist extremism and has been the state of demons like lackaday teabag, Al-Qaeda, Tahreekay lashkar e Tayaba, Jaish Muhammad, Jamat Ul Dawa, Jamaitay Islami, Jamiat Ulema, Haqani net work and the like, and it has been dampening and frustrating the campaign against terror and fascism through its arch evil ISI which has been working behind them as a strong think tank and trainer of them. It has been working in collaboration with a huge network of its retired officers such as notorious Hameed Gul and the like have been given such an assignment to preach the Ladenist two-nation theory of the theocratic state and keep on creating commotion and chaos in media against the good will of the western world.

    It is quite noteworthy that ex-president of Pakistan, Parwaiz Musharaf has said that ISI has been running training camps of the Islamist extremists in the Indian Kashmir. Except from that, the notorious ISI has been closely working behind such extremist factors in the world as, the Sikh in India, Chechnya, the Muslim population in china, Afghanistan, the extremist Tamil tigers, the Sudan, Yaman, and right within Europe and America; there is not a place in the world where this rogue and fascist state has not made its malicious involvement to aggravate the state of affairs in the world.

    Pakistan is such a theocratic state whose army training centers ring with the slogans of (Jihad Fee sabeel-ullah) and (Pakistan stands for laai llah Ila Allah). All that is taught as the fundamental motive and morale of the army and the intelligence agencies. It is an army which recognizes the NATO forces as kafir. It has been such a state which has a record of all 63 years of rearing a fundamentalist army and now it has grown a kind of cancer to the evolution of man and civilization in the world. We are of the strong opinion based upon the scientific analysis that the world can not get rid from the Islamist extremism and nuclear proliferation without disarming and dismemberment of the theocratic Ladenist state of Pakistan. Truly speaking, the idea of war on terror without finishing the theocratic state is like pouring out a few buckets of water from a well for the purpose of cleaning it at whose bottom lays a dead rotten pig.

    We are the true and strict followers of the message of Sain GM Sayad, who preached Sufism, secularism, world peace, unity of humanity, belief in the evolution of man as supreme being, condemnation of religiosity. The philosopher Sayad had prophesied that for the accomplishment of peace in the world creation of Sindhu Desh would be unavoidable. In 1960, the in his message of Sindh, the great Sayyad waged an ideological war against the fascist networks of mullahcracy, fundamentalism, and the pro-modoodian and pro-Ladenist jihadist ideology of Pakistan. The unbending Sayyad fought against religious fascism to the last moment of his life. He died in chains at the age of 91 years in Jinnah hospital Karachi. The great Sayyad remained in chains and house arrest for 32 years for the reason that he had stood against the religious extremism of fascist Pakistan and had established the nationalist movement in Sindh demanding freedom of Sindhu Desh and dismemberment of the mullahcratic Ladenist Pakistan. The Sayyad went successful in his great ideological pursuit. That is why, as for as secularism is concerned, today’s Sindh shines like a crystal diamond among the nations of the world.

    However, when the NATO convoy came under the Taliban ambush in Shikarpur, the Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz rose in great Sindh-wide demonstrations including Karachi, Hyderabad, Khairpur, Dadu, Nawabshah, Sukkar, Meerpur khas, Ghotky, Larkana, Naseerabad, Jacobabad, Badin, Thata, Jamshoro, Tando Muhammad khan, Sehwan, Dokri, Kandhkot, and many other cities, towns, and villages against the ruffians of Punjab, the Taliban. The demonstrations supported the international community’s war on terror and supported United States of America and the NATO in their campaign against the Ladenist networks. It is quite lamentable, that the electronic and print media of this fundamentalist state has been under the thumb of ISI owing to which the dumb media could not give coverage to our demonstrations. Even, the English daily DAWN did not give us any coverage at all, as the ISI keeps it under its strong grip to remain tongueless.

    Let us bring it forth to the democratic nations of the world, and the representatives of the humanist institutions of the world that it Sain GM Sayad had made a great speech in the Vienna international peace conference in 1952 in which, addressing to the world, he had said, ‘If the west does not stop supporting the religious extremists and theocratic states in the world, the fundamentalist factors in the world will multiply into a hell against the world peace and humanity’

    What the great Sayad said there has proved to be an unnegatable truth today and he was accurately right in what he had prophesied as we know that the Ladenist state has proved to be a kind of epilepsy to the world peace and terror and destruction to the healthier evolution of humanity in the world. That is why we are openly struggling against the theocratic state, its theocratic imperialism, its draconian and fundamentalist army, and its vampire and internationally notorious bloody ISI. On the one hand, it is the Sindhu Desh liberation army which is fighting against extremist Pakistan and for the creation of Sindhu Desh, on the other; it is Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz which is struggling on the political platform as a resistive organization. It is a pity that, hitherto, they international community has even not given us moral and political support for our strong commitment to the world peace and resistance against fascism, extremism and pan Islamism.

    Today, the fascist Punjabis and Pakhtoons have made an extremist alliance under the name of Tahreekay Taliban and have tried to inflict their fascist philosophy on our nation through extreme use of terror. They are trying to change the secular social psyche of our nation through use of brutal suicide attacks. At this critical juncture of history, it is moral duty of the international community to help us in our legitimate struggle against Punjabi fascism and give due respect to our democratic right to freedom from the fascist Pakistani state.

    It may well be noted that Sindh has remained a separate and independent country for hundreds of thousands of years. We are the nation which holds great contribution in the evolution of man as a supreme being on the earth. Even today, Mohen-jo-Daro stands witness to the fact that we had emerged into a highly advanced civil society some 5000 years ago and our ancestors had established the first city state in the world and we include among the nations who laid down the foundation of civilization and culture and culture in the world. The pini loak were those people of Sindh who had been trading with the entire world in the ancient age. Lord Shiva and Shakhty Devi had given the concept and philosophy of mankind to the world some 30000 years ago. Our ancestors at that time composed the ever great hymns of Vedas (rug vad) and gave the world a great lyrical literature which happens to be the very foundation of the entire philosophy and theology of the world.

    Today, the extremist, fascist, and the international terrorist Punjabi state based upon theocratic two-nation theory is trying all possible ways to exterminate our rich cultural heritage and national existence.

    Being the chairman of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz, and representative of my chained nation, I appeal to the international community and democratic nations and institutions of the world such as united states of America, Britain, European union, India, Israel, Germany, Russia, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, France, Spain, united nations, international court of justice, human rights organizations, poets of the world, lawyers, and intellectuals of the world to take a serious notice of the heinous crimes against sindhi nation on the part of fascist state of Pakistan.

    I would like to once again bring it to the kind notice of the international community that my nation lends stronger support to the international community’s campaign against fundamentalism, and we will stand magnanimously with the world for the restoration of world peace and for the evolution of humanity.

    We are of the opinion that it is theocratic Pakistan who has dumped the entire world into the hell of religious extremism and truly it is responsible for the inferno in which the entire humanity is being tormented. If the world must not suffer any more then the fascist state must be dismembered and the nations chained in its malignant, artificial, and barbaric boundaries must at once be freed. The restoration of world peace, the restoration of the security of the world, and freedom of Sindh and Baluchistan are conditionally essential to each other.

    I also appeal to the international criminal court to take immediate notice of the forced disappearance and extra judicial murder of Mr. Sami Ullah Kalhoro, the vice chairman of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz at the hands of the hands of fascist ISI. I appeal to the honorable court to bring the killers to justice.





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    DATED: 10/10/10
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