Seven killed in suspected terror attack in China

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    Renewed violence struck China's restive Xinjiang province when seven people were killed and fourteen wounded in a suspected bomb attack today, local officials said.

    The explosion took place on a three wheeled vehicle in Aksu city and the local officials blamed the blast on "criminal gangs", an abbreviation used by authorities for Muslim separatists.

    Official Chinese newsagency Xinhua quoted a spokeswoman of the provincial government as saying that blast was being treated as a criminal case and that one suspect had been apprehended.

    "We are investigating the case and trying to find out what material was being carried on the tricycle which caused the blast", she said.

    Aksu, the town where the explosion took place is 650 kilometres from the provincial capital Urumqi, towards the border with Pakistan and India.

    Xinjiang has been beset by ethnic conflict and separatist violence for the past few years and last summer witnessed bloody clashes between the Uighurs, the largely Muslim ethnic group and the majority Han Chinese settlers which left 197 people dead.

    In the wake of the riots, authorities in a major crackdown arrested hundreds of people and about two dozen people were sentenced to death for inciting ethnic riots.

    The provincial governor Nur Bekri in a speech just before the blast had blamed Islamic terrorists for recent unrest in the region and said authorities were faced with a complicated separatist struggle.

    Following the violence, the Chinese authorities have now installed hundreds of spy cameras on all major thoroughfares of the provincial capital and set up specialised anti terror police force.

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