Seeker successfully flight-tested in Nag

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    In a breakthrough in indigenous seeker technology for missiles, an RF(radio frequency)
    seeker was successfully flight-tested in anti-tank Nag missile in the Army ranges at
    in Rajasthan on Sunday.

    While the scientists of the Defence Research and
    Development Organisation had so far developed Imaging Infra-red (IIR) seeker, this was the first time that a millimetric Wave (mmW) seeker, having all-weather capability, was tried for a 2,000 metre range in a successful mission.

    Chief Controller R& D, (Missiles and Strategic
    Systems), DRDO, Avinash Chander, told The
    Hindu: “this is a breakthrough for seeker capability
    in the country.” This would provide solutions for
    applications in surface-to-air missiles, air-to-air
    missiles, anti-tank missiles and air-to-surface
    missiles. It would also provide the technology
    base for changing to dual-mode seeker in future.
    The mmW seeker was designed and developed by scientists at Research Centre Imarat (RCI), one of the keyl aboratories of the DRDO's missile complex here.
    IN ELITE CLUB :- RCI Director S.K. Ray said very few countries
    possessed the technology to develop mmW
    Nag Project Director S. S. Mishra said that in
    Sunday's flight, the seeker's capability to track the
    target in a ‘Lock-on-Before-Launch' method, right from the missile's firing and throughout the trajectory, was successfully demonstrated. In future, the seeker would be used in a system in ‘Lock-on-After-Launch' mode for extension of the range.
    The production of the third generation hit-to-kill
    Nag missile is expected to commence after the
    final user trials with deliverable version of missile
    carrier NAMICA are conducted next summer.
    Modifications and improvements have been
    carried out in NAMICA as per the Army's
    The four-km range Nag missile has top-attack
    capability to nullify the explosive reactive armour
    of a modern battle tank.

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