Search for justice after China school abuse

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    It is most unfortunate and saddening since it is breach of trust and faith. It is not a case of consenting adult, but downright misusing authority.

    However, homosexuality is a complex issue that plagues the world to find a suitable answer.

    In so far as China is concerned, it is more complex since the One Child Policy has upset the gender ratio and the fact there are 'left behind women' or 'left over women' or "sheng nu" who do not marry since they cannot find husbands who earn more than them. National Bureau of Statistics data shows there are now about 20 million more men under 30 than women under 30.

    The proportion of unmarried men that age is higher - over a third. Then are called guang gun. But that doesn't mean they will easily match up, since Chinese men tend to "marry down", both in terms of age, financial status and educational attainment.

    This adds to the social problems.

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