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    Russia is planning to develop its own sea-based missile defense system, a Foreign Ministry official said on Thursday.
    "According to our analysis, this system will be very efficient and meet the norms of international maritime law," said Vladimir Kozin, a deputy director of the Russian Foreign Ministry's information and press department.
    Kozin did not give any further details on the future missile defense system. He was speaking at a video conference between Moscow and Kiev on European security.
    The move is almost certain to be interpreted as Russia's response to NATO's European missile shield, which it says it needs to counter potential missile attacks from "rogue states," such as Iran and North Korea.
    The NATO "shield" includes U.S. warships equipped with Aegis ballistic missile defense systems capable of shooting down short- and medium-range ballistic missiles.

    Russia to build sea-based 'missile shield' - diplomat | Defense | RIA Novosti

    Is it possible at this stage​

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