SC slaps Aadhar card

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    So SC has struck down the compulsory use of Aadhar cards:

    The question whether Aadhaar should be made available for voluntary use of citizens to access all government schemes and financial services is well on its way to becoming the next big controversial issue. The Supreme Court, on Wednesday, refused to modify its 11 August order restricting the use of Aadhaar card for distribution of foodgrain under PDS, supply of kerosene oil and LPG.

    The SC bench refused to hear the pleas by regulators, including the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Securities and exchange board of India (Sebi), on the status of Aadhaar usage in financial services, saying the matter has now been moved to a larger bench.


    I don't understand if Modi Sarkar is so bullish on Aadhar cards then it should move ahead with legislation and provide enough checks and controls for individual privacy. They just want to buy out all private info. about individuals- typical mai-baap style Indian sarkar.

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