Saying they insulted Ambedkar, mob tonsures schoolboys’ heads

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    A group of lathi-weilding men shaved the heads of four boys aged 11 and 12 and forced them to apologise to a village mob for allegedly throwing mud on a picture of Babasaheb Ambedkar in their school.

    The village, which has now been swamped by police, observed a tense bandh today to protest against the August 3 outrage. Ten people, including a gram panchayat member and the barber who carried out the tonsuring have been arrested, police said. Three other accused are absconding.

    Gomewadi sarpanch Hambirrao Javir said all four children belonged to backward communities, and had no intention of insulting Dalits or Ambedkar.

    “Three of the children are from the Holar community, and one is a Matang,” Javir said. “There were no anti-Dalit sentiments on their minds. But the miscreants incited the Bauddha community of the village saying that the boys purposely put mud on Ambedkar’s picture. I tried to stop them, but they did not listen. When we heard they had shaved the boys’ heads, we called the police.”

    The incident happened on July 29, when it was raining in Gomewadi. The boys — 12-year-old Class 6 students Ganesh Kengar, Kiran Namdas and Vishwajit Javir, and 11-year-old Class 5 student Haridas Bhosale — were playing with mud on the premises of the Zilla Parishad Primary School.

    As they playfully threw mud at each other, they allegedly splattered a school wall on which hung some pictures of national heroes, including Ambedkar.
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    On Monday, the next working day, school authorities called in the four boys along with their parents and reprimanded them for dirtying the wall. “We found the wall dirty on July 30, and on August 1, warned the boys in front of their parents not to play with mud in school again,” said principal Prakash Tupe.

    “The boys had no intention of insulting any national hero. They were not even playing near the wall with Ambedkar’s picture,” said Savita Javir, the mother of one of the boys. She said she had apologised in writing to the school for her son’s mischief.

    “However, as we were returning from the school, a group of men from the village blocked our way. They told me my son had insulted Ambedkar, and directed us to come at Takhya-Buddha Vihar that evening to apologise to the community. The parents of the other children were told the same,” Javir said.

    Around 10 pm that evening, Javir said, the men came to her home and demanded to know why she had disobeyed them. They left after threatening her with dire consequences if she did not come the next morning, she said.

    “At around 10 am the next day, we went to the designated spot. We pleaded that we are ourselves from backward castes, and have nothing against Dalits. But the men, who were carrying sticks, forced us to apologise to the few hundred people who had gathered,” Javir said.

    “They then called a barber who shaved the heads of our children, using the same blade,” she said.

    Ganesh Kengar, one of the boys, said, “I begged them to let me go, but they wouldn’t. My head was shaved very roughly. It was very painful.”

    The boys are in deep shock and have not gone to school since the incident.

    Police Inspector Rasiklal Gujar said 10 people including gram panchayat member Ravikant Sohni and the barber Mahendra Kshirsagar have been arrested. Seven of the arrested have criminal records.

    District Superintendent of Police Ravindra Sisve said they may be booked under sections of the Juvenile Justice Act.

    Saying they insulted Ambedkar, mob tonsures schoolboys� heads - Indian Express
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