Say no to foreign TV or burn:KimJong executes 10 for watchin S KoreaTV

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    Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, hates foreign shows so much that he has apparently executed ten officials for watching a South Korean soaps!
    According to Yonhap news agency that cited South Korea's National Intelligence Service, besides executing the 10 officials, Kim Jong Un has so far demoted some 50 senior members of the government for watching these shows.
    Kim Jong-Un is seen with his cane. AFP Kim Jong-Un is seen with his cane. AFP
    Last year, Kim had Jang Song Thaek, his uncle and de facto deputy, killed. And according to Bloomberg, it appears that Kim Jong Un is seeking to erase the remaining influence of his dead uncle.
    This may just be one of Kim's ways to prove that he is a world leader.
    In fact, a report in Liberty Voice notes that North Korean residents are not allowed to access anything that is foreign. In the past, the watching of foreign movies has always been on the top of his cause for execution list, notes the report.
    This year, Kim Jong pledged to “mercilessly destroy” anyone who watched the movie--The Interview-- that showed Americans trying to assassinate him. In fact, North Koreans said, "Washington was guilty of provocative insanity for mobilizing a gangster filmmaker to defile the country’s supreme leader."
    After six weeks of disappearance, the North Korean leader returned to the public gaze with a cane this month. He reportedly had a cyst removed from his right ankle.
    “Kim Jong Un is trying to establish absolute power and strengthen his regime with public punishments,” Yang Moo Jin, a professor at the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul, told Bloomberg.

    Say no to foreign TV or burn: Kim Jong executes 10 for watching S Korean soaps

    I hope pakistan government executes its citizen for watching Indian TV Shows & Indian news channel.

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