Saudi to execute Shia cleric

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    Saudi to execute Shia cleric

    Activists and relatives say Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr supported only peaceful protests and eschewed violence

    Oil rich eastern KSA, that has a significant Shia population, who are oppressed by the Wahhabi Fundamentalist Theocratic Dictatorship of Saudi Arabia.

    Source: BBC News - Saudi Shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr 'sentenced to death'


    As I analyze this article by BBC, I notice something.

    When India launches a satellite, they talk about poverty in India.

    If the same standards were to be upheld, they should mention that the west is allied with the head-chopping Saudis in their fight against the head-chopping ISIS.

    I suppose demagoguery has to be calibrated on a subjective manner.

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