Saudi Arabia is new IRIS-T export customer

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    The missile system house Diehl BGT Defence has won Saudi Arabia as a new export customer for the IRIS-T air-to-air guided missile. Both the Eurofighter Typhoon as well as the Tornado combat aircraft of the Saudi Air Force are to be equipped with IRIS-T missiles.

    IRIS-T is a European six-nation program under German supervision and the industrial management of Diehl BGT Defence. Worldwide IRIS-T is one of the most sophisticated infrared-guided air-to-air missiles. This year 700 missiles are expected to be delivered to the nations of the IRIS-T consortium as well as to international customers. IRIS-T provides the basis for a missile family with additional applications for ground-based air defence and modern submarine armament .

    ASIAN DEFENCE: Saudi Arabia is new IRIS-T export customer

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