Saudi-american relationship comes back to normal

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    Saudi-american relations had taken a nosedive after 9/11.

    Reason--while the rest of the world was calling it 9/11, the saudis were grappling with the figure 15/19...... less than 15 of the 19 terrorists who attacked the US that day were saudis......

    A 16th man who was to take part in the attack was not allowed to enter the US by immigration authorities.

    The 9/11 attackers were deliberately chosen as saudis by osama bin laden for two reasons.

    For one , he was saudi himself ,and he could not bear to see the good relations between saudi arabia and US......he wanted to drive a wedge between them.

    Secondly , because of the ' special relationship ' between saudi arabia and US ,the two countries ,it was very easy for saudis to get into US.

    Saudis were one of the people who were subjected to least number of checks prior to 9/11.

    Relations predictibly nose-dived after 9/11 .

    Before 9/11 ,the good relations between the two countries meant that americans were the ones who were involved in the working of the oil drilling and refineries in saudi arabia.

    Americans were pilots of the saudi air force ,along with pakistanis, and all maintainance crews of the saudi armed forces were american.

    Now , it seems to be back to normal as signified by the deal to sell saudi f-15s and combat as well as transport helicopters in large numbers--

    The reason is quite clear---america's enormous appetite for oil......

    Whatever saudis might do to america , even wreak havoc in it , america lives on oil.

    For oil ,america will renege on it most cherished values fact ,do anything.......

    .......Including lick the asses of those wreak havoc in it.

    Saudi textbooks in schools may teach a fanatical wahhabi ideology which teaches young minds to hate america and the west ,and was responsible for inculcation hate in the minds of people like osama and the 9/11 attackers , and may produce more hate-filled terrorists in the future.......

    But who cares , before the lure of black gold........
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