Sanjay Patel walks out of BCCI meet after altercation with Manohar

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    Sanjay Patel walks out of BCCI meet after altercation with Manohar

    Kolkata: There was a lot of drama at the BCCI's emergent working committee meeting at the Mumbai headquarters on Sunday as an altercation between secretary Sanjay Patel and former president Shashank Manohar led to the former walking out of the meeting.

    The Baroda man was however persuaded by some of the other senior officials to come back and rejoin the proceedings. The meeting, which was dominated by discussions about the formation of a three-member probe committee as per Supreme Court's directive saw former India allrounder Ravi Shastri's name being vehemently opposed by the anti-Srinivasan faction led by Manohar.

    While former Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court JN Patel's name did not have any major opposition, Ravi Shastri's name saw strong opposition from Manohar. Once Patel proposed Shastri's name, Manohar immediately objected as Shastri is a commentator who is on BCCI's payroll. Former president and legal expert Manohar raised questions about Shastri's inclusion to which Patel informed the floor that the cricketer would resign from all his posts in BCCI but Manohar was not convinced.

    He quizzed Patel further on Shastri's inclusion to which a peeved Patel stormed out of the conference room. However, once his anger died down and he was pacified by some of the senior members, he came back and rejoined the proceedings. Patel, who is a member of the Srinivasan faction justified that a presence of a cricketer is necessary in the panel as some of the matters will need technical expertise.

    Sanjay Patel walks out of BCCI meet after altercation with Manohar - IBNLive


    I have placed this in Politics and Society because it is Politics affecting Society and without any sports content.

    Ravi Shastri is no doubt indebted to Srinivasan and so he will have a conflict of interest.

    Will this probe actually unearth the reality?

    Or will it be another sham?
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    Shangrila (really!)
    It has to be an independent inquiry.
    Everybody is indebted to someone or the other in the BCCI.

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