Sanctions if Nato supplies not restored: Mukhtar

Discussion in 'Pakistan' started by Yusuf, May 8, 2012.

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    I think this is playing for domestic consensus on renewing NATO supplies. Neither the army nor the govt wants to be seen as in favor of wanting to resume supplies but they want to resume so that they get the much needed $$$

    LAHORE: Federal Minister for Defence Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar said on Sunday that Pakistan might face sanctions if it did not allow Nato supplies as it would be a violation of international conventions.

    Pakistan suspended Nato supplies after a US attack on its Salala post along the Afghan border in November killed at least 24 soldiers.

    “Pakistan has signed international conventions under which it will not be easy for it to keep Nato supplies suspended as it may lead to sanctions,” the defence minister said while talking to reporters at a luncheon hosted by PPP leader Munir Ahmed Khan.

    In reply to a question, he said Pakistan had proposed joint and coordinated drone attacks in tribal areas but the US did not agree to the suggestion.

    About the Siachen issue, Mr Mukhtar said: “Under the current circumstances it is difficult to resolve the Siachen issue. India is sitting on high altitude and it considers itself in a better position. If we pulled out from Siachen, families of martyrs will raise questions.”

    Pakistan, he said, would not reduce its defence budget.

    About the government’s policy on Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s conviction in a contempt case, he said the PPP would adopt a strategy after the Supreme Court released its detailed judgment. If the Supreme Court rejected the review petition, then the prime minister would have to resign, he added.
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    wish to see what could be the extent and period of sanctions. the game usa and pakistan play is like cat and mouse game. one taunts another and this lead to petty retaliation. this goes on and on. even if pakistan is sanctioned in what manner the sanctions will work. pakistan procure its arms from china and nower days its reliance on west for arms is limited. 115 f-16s that pakistan operates will be hit by the sanctions but given the nature of pakistani forces they may transfer few to iran or china in retaliation which will be a tensed situation for usa and west.
    economically- what more bad you expect from pakistan- its already doomed
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    They are also worried that if Iran allows NATO supplies (non lethal) as reported by the Pak TV, Pakistan would lose out forever, both in influence in Afghanistan through the Taliban and ISI, but also good dollars that is essential to resuscitate every now and then!

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