Samjhauta blast: US had informed India about Pak link, says Aseemanand

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    PANCHKULA: Reiterating his earlier claims of innocence in Samjhauta Express blasts, radical Hindu activist Swami Aseemanand on Monday said he had been falsely implicated in the case, because America had also informed the Indian government that Pakistan was linked to these blasts.

    "Mujhe Saajis ke tahat jabardasti phansaya gaya hai, sabut to hai nahin unke paas (I have been implicated forcibly in the case because of conspiracy and they have not an iota of evidence against me), " he said outside the special court of the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

    A functionary of the right-wing organization Abhinav Bharat, Asseemanand and another accused in the Samjhauta Express blast, Lokesh Sharma were produced before the court of NIA Special Judge, Subhash Mehla on Monday morning.

    Lokesh Sharma, outside the court, he responded that it was verey strange he had been booked in a case in which he had no role.

    "I am innocent, any agency can investigate the matter, no one would find any proof against me, NIA is giving me third degree torture including threats of elimination" Lokesh shouted while entering the prisoner's van.

    During the hearing, NIA submitted certain documents in support of the chargesheet, which was filed by the agency on June 20 against Swami Aseemanand, Lokesh Sharma and three others-- Sandeep Dange, Ramchandra Kalasangra and Sunil Joshi. Dange and Ramchandra are absconding, while Joshi is now dead.

    In its chargesheet, NIA has submitted that Aseemanand was the mastermind of the blasts and instigated others to carry out the terrorist act.

    NIA counsel on Monday also submitted that they are obtaining certain documents regarding the role of Sadhvi Pragya and Indresh and a separate supplementary chargesheet would be filed, if needed.

    The case will now come up for hearing on August 17.

    Aseemanand and another accused were booked by the NIA in the Samjhauta Express blast case, in which 68 people were killed near Panipat town in Haryana in February 2007.

    Samjhauta blast: US had informed India about Pak link, says Aseemanand
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    As expected.
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    This Samjhauta Express case is complete oxymoron in itself. How can you possibly have two parallel sets of evidences?
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    If I remember correctly, earlier Miano/mafia appointed NIA came came up with a brilliant Bollywood story regarding how an "Innocent" secular (read:muslim) man changed the heart of this 70-80+ (half dead) year old deadly "Hindu" terrorist, and then the "Hindu Terrorist" confessed to the crime, consequently the "innocent secular" man was released due to the confessions of the Hindu terrorists to NIA?????

    WTF? He has denied having any such story to be true and claimed openly that he was forced to sign papers by NIA (hence NIA stands pants down, displaying where their loyalty lies). NIA has forged/lack any credible evidence, even Judges in the case of Pragya Thakur have shown their displeasure, however the NIA is hell bent to prove their shamelessness, moreover they are taking orders from the the secularists from the top (read: miano/church/mullahs of NAC), they will use this "Hindu terror" card at the most opportune moment. Man these shameless people can stoop to any low, are we really secular and how long this sham of a system will go on, where radical people at the top show their bigoted self and majority has to take this BS in the name of secularism or else tagged communal?

    Better to be a proud communal than a shameless Maino/Congressi/corrupt/looter/secular......!!

    P.S: Do we really need these unconstitutional bodies such as NAC and NIA were foreigners, leftist/corrupt coterie and radical religious members of different communities make a mockery of this nation?
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