Samajwadi Party threatens withdrawing support from UPA govt

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    Samajwadi Party threatens withdrawing support from UPA govt

    LUCKNOW: Samajwadi Party (SP) leader and Rajya Sabha member Naresh Agarwal has warned the UPA government at the Centre by claiming the party leadership is thinking of withdrawing support to the Congress-led alliance.

    "The issue will be taken up soon," Agarwal told TOI on Monday. "We've supported the UPA only because we never wanted the communal forces to take advantage of its dwindling strength in Parliament, particularly after the exit of the Trinamool Congress in September 2012. We've supported the UPA on the basis of issues and were never an ally in the true sense because we never asked for any share in the government."

    He said instead of being thankful for the SP's support, the Congress leaders are treating the party's government in Uttar Pradesh worse than they treat their arch-rival BJP and its governments in some states.

    The SP is particularly peeved over the manner in which Congress leaders have been demanding the resignation of ministers in the UP government, accusing them of poor performance.

    But political observers said the threat is actually aimed at cautioning the Congress leaders addressing public rallies in UP to exercise restrain while taking about the SP government in the state. Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to address public meetings in Hamirpur and Salempur (Deoria district) on October 30.

    In his public meetings in Aligarh and Rampur on October 9, Gandhi had criticized the Akhilesh Yadav government not only over the recent Muzaffarnagar riots but also over its role in the implementation of the food security bill. "We want to give the poor a new right - the right to food," Gandhi had said in Rampur. "But the UP government is not implementing it. It is not bringing the scheme due to the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. You must also exert pressure on the UP government to implement the scheme so that people can benefit from it."

    Agarwal also pointed out how Union minister Jitin Prasada took on Akhilesh after the Muzaffarnagar riots. "If I were in Akhilesh Yadav's place, I would've stepped down taking moral responsibility," Prasada had said.

    Madhusudan Mistry, the Congress in-charge of UP, had accused the SP government of "conspiring" with the BJP to incite the riots. "The chief minister or the minister who cannot protect the people does not have the right to remain in the post," Mistry had said.

    The SP, which has 22 Lok Sabha MPs, supports the UPA government from the outside.

    Its latest posturing is also being seen in the light of the recent CBI decision to close a disproportionate assets case pending against party national president Mulayam Singh Yadav. Before the CBI filed the closure report, other parties had regularly accused the SP of bowing down before the Congress for fear of being booked by the investigative agency.

    Though the CBI has filed a closure report in the case against Mulayam, it has written to the income-tax department, suggesting an assessment of the assets owned by the Yadav clan - thereby leaving one end of the leash in the Centre's hands.

    Samajwadi Party threatens withdrawing support from UPA govt - The Times of India


    Now that the Disproportionate asset case has been taken off, the SP's true colours are emerging.

    Now, they are using the power of blackmail to sort out the Congress.

    The CBI already with a red face because of backflipping over the Coalgate issue, where they booked the Coal Secretary and tycoon Birla but are now talking of closing the case because of the PM's backing of Birla, will be further embarrassed if the SP withdraws support and the CBI once again start the Disproportionate asset case, which as it is, have seen the politically influenced see saw many a time.on the case.
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    end this shitty govt sp.... your name will be written in history

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