Salute to the Martyrs on Republic Day

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    This is a thought, everyone can contribute and ideas appreciated.

    I propose that on republic day, for all martyrs who have been awarded medals on that day be given a salute in movie theatres after national anthem , Radio and all public gatherings on that day.

    Rules can be as follows:

    1) For movie theatres, three photographs of the martyr will be shown on the screen. One service file photo, one with family or friends, and one in military fatigues.

    2) the three images should be shown with rank name and medal.

    3) each photo collage should be shown along with a gun salute from a single cannon boom sound. Cannon boom chosen can be loudest among the current artillery in the Indian forces during that period.

    4) govt will release this reel or file for all the movie theatres to download and play it at their respective shows during the day.

    5) for non-visual medium, voice will narrate the rank name and medal. Cannon boom sound will follow. Non visual medium like radio can play it across the country at the same time. My choice the next top hour after parade ends at raj ghat across the country at the same time.

    If this idea gains traction within DFI, let's see if we run a campaign on Social media. Also put it up on and narendra modi app.

    What say you...

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