Salman's father Salim Khan defends Narendra Modi over Gujarat riot

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    Land of Intolerance and App Wapsi
    BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has found another supporter, this time from the B-town.
    Bollywood actor Salman Khan's father and veteran scriptwriter Salim Khan has said the Gujarat CM is at the crosshairs of critics because he has been winning continuously despite the 2002 riots.

    In an exclusive interview to Aaj Tak, the 78-year-old filmwriter said,"Nobody blames the chief minister of Maharashtra for the riots which took place in 1992. I think nobody might even knows his name."
    However, Khan ruled out supporting Modi in any of his political rallies.
    Earlier, Bollywood actor Salman Khan had visited Gujarat as part of his promotional campaign for film Jai Ho. The 48-year-old superstar had raised many eyebrows after pictures of him flying kite with Modi had appeared in the public domanin.

    Salman had also defended Modi saying he should not say sorry for the Gujarat riots.

    Salman Khan's father Salim Khan defends Narendra Modi over Gujarat riots : Movies, News - India Today
    Watch the video where superstar Mr.Salman Khan(son of Mr.Salim Khan) literally defended Prime Ministerial candidate Mr.Narendra Modi
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    what next one will say shah rukh is a congress supporter.

    the above news also needs to be analysed more deeply for example salman khans fathers origins somesay are from iran (in a good way). also salman khan and family might be wanting to make a move to offer a chance of protection on court cases if modi becomes pm. its a insult to the independence of the legal system but who would deny them such opportunity. same can be said why he did that tiger movie based on a agent.

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