Sachin Tendulkar hints at playing till 45

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    MUMBAI: Ask Sachin Tendulkar about life after cricket, and you're unlikely to get too far. He indicates he will keep playing till he nears 45.

    When asked about his options after cricket, pat comes the 39-year-old's reply. "It'll be difficult to answer what I'll do 5-6 years from now."

    Quite clearly, for the man who has scored more runs than anybody else in international cricket, retirement is the ugliest word in the language (as the late writer Ernest Hemmingway famously said).

    "Whenever I think of going away from it, that is when I can afford to divert my attention to other things. Till that moment, my focus will be on cricket," the man who is arguably the world's best-ever batsman told ET in an exclusive chat hours after unveiling the new BMW 3 series on Friday.

    The time for 'other things' may be some time away, but that isn't stopping him from indulging in his other passion--cars. His eyes light up-in much the same way they would when smacking a Shane Warne googly out of the park-when he talks about a recent test drive of the new BMW 3 series in England as part of a promotional exercise.

    "To experience these cars on the race track is an awesome experience," says Sachin, who also recollects the days when he would go carting with his friends all night, till 5 in the morning.

    It wasn't always this way for Sachin, who fell in love with cars at the age of 6 when he would gaze out of the balcony at the wheels passing by.

    In the times when "my pockets were not that deep", Sachin's first car was a Maruti 800, followed by the now extinct Maruti 1000. Then, as the runs began to come, at age 21, he slipped behind the wheel of a second-hand BMW 320i.

    Although there has been a Ferrari in between, today it's been beamers all the way, not just for the master blaster but the entire family.
    Sports management, motor sports, cricket administration - Sachin insists he hasn't begun thinking about all these alternatives for life after he hangs up his cricket gloves.

    The association with BMW is as far as he will go away from the sport that he eats, drinks and sleeps. And he even draws a parallel between cricket and cars. "I can drive on as well as off the field," he chuckles.

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    Why you stopping at 45 if you fit and better than others play till you live.

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