Saat khoon maaf

Discussion in 'Members Corner' started by ashdoc, Feb 19, 2011.

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    The director has murdered the film ,so should we forgive him for the eighth murder ??

    ......Or maybe we should just say --taqleef maaf.....

    Okay , I am just over-reacting , its not really as bad as that......

    Anyway , since many of you wont be seeing this film ( especially after what you have read above ) , lets tell the story a bit.....

    The director has copied the story from Ruskin Bond's novel--Suzzane's seven husbands , and tried to Indianise it , setting the story against the backdrop of major events in modern Indian history ,like operation blue star , the kashmir jehad , babri masjid demolition , the nuclear tests and mumbai 26/7.

    Location--most probably Goa......

    Priyanka Chopra is a daughter of a gora christian father and hindu mother who has the misfortune to marry six men one by one who all turn out to be bad , in fact , that she has to murder them all.......

    She is helped in all these by her loyal lifelong servants and companions who never abandon her even in her dire-est straits , even as a young boy she adopts ( not as son )watches along the sidelines as he grows , and falls in love with her.....

    And it is his responsibility to help her commit the seventh murder......

    But question is ,who does she murder seventh ??

    Especially as her seventh husband is more gentle and forgiving than anyone can be ??

    Well , we got keep something in suspense , isn't it......

    Verdict--could have been better.....
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    Akhand Bharat
    Thanks for your input. but i like the song "darling ........." That the beauty of bollywood so much talented people work here.from Ruskinbond novel they create a interesting movie. Iam proud of bollywood

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