Rzhev: General Zhukov's Unknown Battle

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    I am very interested in Soviet-German War. This is about a series of skirmishes against the Nazi held Rzhev salient following the Soviet counterattack at Moscow in 1941. Rzhev was close to Moscow, too close for Stalin and this was echoed by top commander Zhukov. These battles lasted from January 1942 to March of 1943. Over 1 million Russian soldiers died.

    What is striking about this documentary is the bloodthirsty Zhukov. This general was very ambitious and had a desire to please his master Stalin at all costs. His ambition was to destroy the whole opposing Army group Center. This was too ambitious for the weak Red Army. Zhukov forbid multiple times, multiple generals who were surrounded, from retreating. In the end he sent in a small plane to escort the general out leaving his forces to die. One general refused and committed suicide.

    In early 1942, infantry often attacked entrenched positions without even any preliminary artillery barrage. The losses were horrendous. Veterans remembered mountains of bodies in front of small tiny villages. Commanders showed little initiative and always attacked frontally and like novices. Documentary says how one village could not be taken in three days after many frontal assaults but taken in a one attempt when attaccked from side.

    Last Major Soviet operation was "Mars" which was to distract German troops from coming to aid of encircled Stalingrad army. Soviets had a double agent that leaked to Germany that Soviets will attack Rzhev. Still Zhukov had put more forces in Rzhev than in Stalingrad so Mars must have been more ambitious. It was conducted in impossible weather. Russian troops had no camoflaouge while nazis had camoflaouged uniform that could fight in "tundra". Mars failed soon with heavy losses.

    Later in March, the hitlerite scum retreated without Soviets detecting. Most of Rzhev's civilians were dead from disease or bombs.

    Very good movie for all to check out to see tragedy of WAR.
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