Russian submarine trials identified several thousand flaws

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    Navy afraid to take digital nuclear submarines

    In the first submarine sea trials "Alexander Nevsky" identified several thousand flaws


    The new "digital" submarines of Project 955 "Borey" that the "Sevmash" preparing to be commissioned, a concern submariners. As told "Izvestia" source in the headquarters of the Navy, the first sea trials the first production, "Boreas" - nuclear submarine "Alexander Nevsky" - sailors and Designers have identified dozens of major flaws and a few thousand smaller ones. At the "Sevmash" assured "News" that all of them already removed, but divers fear of new boats for the new computer control system.

    - These digital systems are so raw that they simply too dangerous to work. Number of failures of the system running on the latest trials exceeded several hundred. And no one can guarantee that this System would not refuse to fight - told "Izvestia" representative of the Russian Navy.

    At the same time, senior manager of "Sevmash" and built the "Nevsky", and the first "Northwind" - "Yuri Dolgoruky", assured "News" that all the shortcomings of the digital control system has been eliminated before running tests.

    - If the "Dolgoruky" we debugged the system four months, then on "Nevsky" set up in just two weeks. At this stage, when there is a set of all systems of the boat, there can be failures or malfunctions, can only be a discrepancy between the preset mode, which we eliminate in debugging systems - explained, "Izvestia" representative "Sevmash".

    He stressed that "Borei" became the first in the history of Russian subs with a digital control system - the previous generation of submarines have analog. In the design and manufacture of digital elements of the system attended by several dozen companies and design offices.

    - Of course, not here and so, on the run, make a full-fledged system. These are the first steps are debugging, tuning, laborious work. When she finished, we have the following boats in this series will be fully ready to put the system - said the representative of "Sevmash".

    It is noteworthy that the first sea trials "Alexander Nevsky" was interrupted for a visit to the "Sevmash" Vladimir Putin. It is expected that on November 9, his presence will be signed by a few strategic contracts between the military and industrialists, some of which - To build a "Bor."

    Zamgeneralnogo director of "Sevmash" Economics and Software Development Sergei Kuchenov told "Izvestia", which will be on Wednesday signed contracts for projects 204 (nuclear submarine "Saint Nicholas"), unnamed 205 208 and on the next ship project 885 "Yasen-M" ("Kazan").

    Reticence on the price of the boat between the MOD and United Shipbuilding Company, which now includes "Sevmash" became one of the main causes of failure in defense contracts in 2011. Finish signing of all papers, Vladimir Putin instructed the summer.

    Fully bring the "Nevsky" to the mind and give the Navy "Sevmash" should, in December 2011. The representative of the Admissions Committee of the Navy believes that the willingness to "Boreas" to test impact forced the habit shipbuilders to work with static boat, which is "not moving".

    - At sea, on the move, the boat is affected by many factors, are not always mathematically counted developers - explained interlocutor "Izvestia".

    In addition, divers found a lot of structural defects, which had to fix on the go.

    For example, shortly before the trial of "Nevsky" revealed that the steering in the cockpit was not viewing window, which prevented him operate the ship. Had requested the military to cut window. Or in giropost boat kept too narrow door, which at the request of divers widened.

    - Well, that "Sevmash" responds to all of our comments - the representative of the Navy.

    The representative of the Bureau "Rubin", where a draft, in an interview with "Izvestia", noted that "Nevsky" inherited "childhood diseases" head boat "Yury Dolgoruky", which was used for construction of housing another boat - and not built multipurpose nuclear submarine K-333 "Lynx".

    - "Northwind" has experienced a threefold redesign of a complex of three different weapons: it was originally conceived by missiles D-31, then under Dr. 19UTTH "Bark" and as a result altered by the "Bulava". There are at least four versions of "Bora" and, of course, had an impact on his "maturity" - said the representative design bureau.

    Slowed down the process and the complexity of the testing of "Mace" the source said, "Izvestia". Now, decide all questions on the go, and these changes are already enshrined in the series on the draft 202-m enclosure that is on the "Alexander Nevsky".

    "Alexander Nevsky", the second in a boat project "Northwind", was founded on "Sevmash" March 19, 2004 under the project 09 550 the name of K-550. According to initial plans, it must be released of water a year ago and to join the Navy in 2011. The total the cost of creating and building leading boats is estimated at 23 billion rubles. Of these, 9 billion R & D and demanded 14 billion rubles - the actual the construction.

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